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Chest belted notes:

- C5: The Moon That Embraces The Sun Musical, My Everything, Hurt
- C♯5: The Moon That Embraces The Sun Musical, Renew, Interlude…
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High Notes List

Meat Pie on a Sunday Morning

Taste buds tingling in remembrance,
A smell that tugs at my memories,
A vision, a colour, a cunning resemblance,
Meat pie under the blue sky. 167 more words

Branding Power

I want a tattoo.

And truth be told, I’ve wanted one for awhile. 

I’ve had about a dozen ideas crop up in my head for the last seven years. 398 more words


Since it feels like Sunday...

I’ll do my goals today!

I love 3-day weekends, but they always throw me off a little bit. I spent all day yesterday ready to go to work today. 181 more words

The End Of Sundays

When someone asks you: “What’s the least favorite day of the week?” The usual answers are either Mondays or Wednesdays.

But my answer is the end of Sundays. 168 more words

Day 47 - #50photos50days

Chillin’ with my TZ crew. 

Day care for at risk and street children in Arusha, Tanzania, 2014. 


It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity

‘Twas the night before Labor Day, and the grill was alight.

This isn’t going to be a poem, though that would be fun.  Nor was this a “oh, gosh, it’s the last gasp of summer, we have to have a cookout!” sort of panic.   209 more words