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Christmas at New Community Church

One of the decisions the elders made this year was to have no corporate, church-wide services on December 28th, the Sunday after Christmas. We realize just how crazy that sounds, but want you to know there is a method to our madness. 386 more words


Soul Detox

Have you made a New Year’s resolution? Are you looking forward to a fresh start in 2015? We hope you will join us at New Community Church for a 5-part series called, “Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World.” Soul Detox is loosely based on a new book written by Pastor Craig Groeschel and is about aligning our spiritual lives with the Word of God. 111 more words


Former NFL star Chad Johnson leaves massive tip because 'Sundays are slow'

Former NFL star and current Montreal Alouette player Chad Johnson made headlines Sunday after he tweeted about an act of kindness.

Johnson left a $300 tip for a server on a $351.92 bill, simply because “Sundays are slow.” 132 more words


Getting Wrapped Up!

Sunday, the Caribou Kids in Pingo Land eavesdropped on a conversation that Jesus had with a rich ruler that Luke recorded in Luke 18:18-25. This man was so wrapped up in his stuff that he couldn’t let go of what didn’t really matter in favor of what mattered most, a relationship with Jesus. 18 more words


Christmas Happenings at ACC!

Here are some upcoming events you might want to be aware of at ACC:

#1) Family Movie Night!

By “Family” Movie Night, we do not mean… 73 more words


Sundays Just Got Better

Sundays, I have to admit, were never as interesting as they are now with all these shows on TV.

First, there is this show sponsored by Thums Up. 504 more words


Christmas Family Worship This Sunday

You and your family are invited to join us this Sunday, December 21, for a morning of worship and holiday celebration that’s offered during both services!   104 more words

Sunday Curriculum