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What do Korean King Sejong and Leonardo da Vinci have in common?

Question: What do Korean King Sejong and Leonardo da Vinci have in common?

Answer: Both are men of many talents and great inventors.

Leonardo da Vinci is well-known as a painter but he is also an inventor, sculptor, mathematician and engineer. 616 more words

Korean Culture

(28) Sundial, Central Parade

The original Jubilee sundial was installed jointly by the Rotary Clubs of Bexhill and Senlac in 2002 as part of the celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee. 153 more words

Passing the Time

If you spend too much time thinking about a think, you’ll never get it done. -Bruce Lee


Tourist Trap

I’ve been doing tourist-y things and I’ve come to one conclusion: don’t buy anything if someone’s trying to sell it to you. Especially not novelty sundials.


Abstract Sundial

Monochrome #4

I can’t help noticing patterns and symmetry and I like when things line up.

Here, quite by chance, I discovered that the shadows cast by the sun, at this specific time in the morning, exactly lined up the outline of the roof of the house with the solar garden lamp, to create a satisfying 45 degree angle, within the right angle. 35 more words


A Letter to Father Time From His Boss

Dear Father Time: 

Permit me to say, my dear Father Time

In this letter I write you (that I’m going to rhyme)

It looks like the future’s a big disappointment… 141 more words