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Duxbury Beach Evacuated After Possible Shark Sighting

DUXBURY (CBS) – A Duxbury beach was cleared of swimmers Thursday afternoon after a lifeguard thought he spotted a shark offshore.

Swimmers were ordered out of the water at about 4:00 p.m. 106 more words


A Sunfish For Our Hero

I know I know.. bad Heather… 

MIA Heather.. 

A WHOLE YEAR??? holy shit. what can I say… I suck. 

Initially my absence was illness related, and with 4 more surgeries under my belt since last August all I can say is, c’monnnn…gimmie a frikkin break here…  98 more words

sunfish surfing

saw this great picture over on the Sunfish Forum — thanks to Stache for posting it.

photo credit to Killington Zone.


sailing with my boys

Thursday at camp seemed promising for our last chance to sail. all morning, I could feel a bit of a breeze as I walked around camp to the various morning activities. 158 more words


Farewell Fanfare for Sardines

Lucky me- a final two days on the heaving ocean outside East London. Cruising down the Buffalo river and out into a rather wild ocean was bittersweet for me . 422 more words