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Create a garden... nature will take it over, anyway!


Today we digged some holes for our Hokaido pumpkin and sun flower seeds. We also sowed basil, carrots and multicolour radishes. Thyme, the bad ass of herbs, even survived winter outdoor and now tries to fight back territory against innocent wood strawberries. 55 more words



In our backyard.  Isn’t it beautiful? Even the bees are enjoying its beauty!

Everything Else

18 April 2014

Sunflower is one of my favourite flower. Even though it doesn’t has a scent like rose. I love their colour and combination with the sky. One more thing, they always face to where the sun is. 230 more words

The Other Side of Someday

I’ll be alright once I find the other side of someday. – S.B

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

First thing I thought of with this WordPress’s theme of On Top is bees on flowers.  If you have followed by blog you all know I absolutely abhor bees and have ever since I was attacked by hornets when I was six years old.   64 more words