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red leaves
in sunlight

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Calming Cemetery

In a recent visit to the cemetery I found it extremely beautiful and calming. The energy and sunlight is infectious! Every shot I took was gleaming with radiant light, hopefully another visit this weekend so I can share more of it’s beauty with you guys.


Summer's Majesty

There is something majestic about a summer morning walk with nature — the pleasing monotone palette of green, abundant sunlight streaming through the tree tops, and the warm breeze in the air.


*afternoon at cameron's house

and then,
for one second my dulling heart feeling a throb of what life
(with you)
would be like-

your blurred family cold clattering bottles of beer… 27 more words



“Desperately she clung to those last vestiges of light. Striving to memorize the warmth on her skin, the way the sunlight appeared through the leaves and caused them to glow. 143 more words