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Journeying: Still Soldiering On: Umar Unarmed

بسم الله

It was an ambush. Something we didn’t see coming. Completely unexpected.

But once it was happening, there was no turning back. Once we were in the motion of attack, we couldn’t back down, unless we surrendered to defeat. 1,769 more words

Don't be Angry

Anger is an unpleasant feeling but sometimes you just can’t help it, you’re only human.

Just one thing could tick you off and suddenly the whole world becomes your enemy. 252 more words

That's Me

Journeying: In the Clouds: Part Five

بسم الله

Zafer?! Wh- what are you doing here?” I stammered, wondering if I was seeing things.

Was he really here? At my house? 1,764 more words

Teaching is a Sunnah :)

An Intensive Course with Our Beloved Rasulullah s.a.w – Methods of Teaching.

1. Identify the Characteristics and Understand the Psychology of Your Students

There was once a time when there was a group of youths from outside Medina who came to learnt from Rasulullah s.a.w for an intensive course (dawrah) for 20 days. 613 more words


Wahai Saudaraku Inilah Prinsip-prinsip Manhaj Salafi

  • Judul: Wahai Saudaraku Inilah Prinsip-prinsip Manhaj Salaf,
    Serial Aqidah Islamiah;
  • Penulis: Syaikh Ubaid Al Jabiri, Syaikh Dr. Shalih bin Fauzan Al Fauzan, & Syaikh Abdul Qadir Al Arna-uth…
  • 106 more words
Ahlus Sunnah

Mistakes I've made in Da'wah

Da’wah is an obligation upon every Muslim, to invite those who are not yet Muslim to Islam, especially those who don’t live in predominantly Muslims lands. 1,364 more words

Duri Kelabu

  • Judul Buku: DURI KELABU Catatan Ringan Tentang Kendala Thalabul Ilmi;
  • Penulis: Abu Nashim Mukhtar ‘Iben’ Rifai La Firlaz;
  • Penerbit: Toobagus Publishing;
  • Dimensi : 14 x 20 cm;
  • 232 more words