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Musical Jihadists - Terror Leaders Leave Qatar Headed To Turkey, For Now...

The hidden story behind the mid-East events continues to unfold.  As previously discussed Egypt’s Fatah El-Sisi requested the assistance of the Saudi royals, Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz, and The Arab Gulf Council, in pressuring Qatar to stop their support for the Islamic Jihad and terrorists. 379 more words

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At least someone is doing something beside talking!

RECOMMENDED READING: Understanding The Islamic Caliphate State

By Cultural Jihad:

While apologists in the west are clinging to a theme that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam …” Al-Baghdadi is emulating the Prophet Muhammad – the ultimate Islamic role model.” 1,042 more words

Counter Jihad Report

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They are coming for us so its better now than latter when Obama has eliminated our military as he is now doing. They are also pushing hard to feminize the military but actively getting rid of qualified and combat test men to make room for the women in the special operations areas. It may not be PC but it is absolute true that men are better fighters.

Report: State Department Official Claims They Destroyed Benghazi Documents To Protect Hillary Clinton

What are the odds this mysterious weekend described is the long Thanksgiving weekend of 2012?  If Raymond Maxwell is describing “Sunday” of that specific Thanksgiving weekend then a whole lot of other dots connect…. 471 more words

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Nothing unexpected there they do protect their own and not anyone else as many have found out.

Three Choices and the Bitter Harvest of Denial: How Western denial about Islam has fueled Genocide in the Middle East

Published on Sep 14, 2014 by Q Society of Australia Inc:

Dr Durie speaks at the Q Society event in Melbourne together with Clare Lopez on the evening of 2 September 2014. 82 more words


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There is no getting around the FACT that Islam is bad for everyone!

No Victory without Extirpating Terror Sponsors

A basic rule of war is not to permit one’s enemy safe harbor in which to retreat, regroup, resupply, and plan new attacks. That was our main handicap in the Vietnam War – the U.S. 653 more words

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I was Boots on the ground in Vietnam and an officer and we could never figure out why we were not aloud to win that war. The supply lines were harassed in Laos and Cambodia but never cut and if that had been done even as late as 67 when I was there the war would have been over in 68 and Tet would never have happened. Instead ten's of thousands of men were sacrificed to the politicians political careers.

Khamenei's Big Mistake: How the US and ISIS Have Weakened Iran

In the past few months, the world has watched in horror as the self-proclaimed Islamic State, often shortened to ISIS, ISIL, or just IS, has committed unspeakable atrocities throughout its areas of influence in Iraq and Syria.  687 more words