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Aches And Pains, Yet Again

As my practice, I reserved a day off after my birthday, because really, I wouldn’t be in the right mindset to take in calls anyway.  That, and I also wanted to have a day all to myself for a change.   213 more words

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Biking doesn’t always need to be a solo venture. So grab a pal and take them along with you on the back “baggage drager” style, mentor your little one or simply walk back from adventures side by side with your royal steed and best friend.

Fijne weekend!

By Mel.

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The Eve Before That Day Again

It’s the first of my two day offs, and it started with my nephew (with his grandfather in tow) paying me a visit to my room.  408 more words

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Looking That Waistline Monster In The Face

There was a concern that it was going to rain, so I took an umbrella with me to work.  Turned out to be an ill-founded worry, as we mostly had sunny skies for the rest of the day.  203 more words

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Sun, Salads, St Albans

My mum and twin sister and I went to St Albans to go shoe shopping and get some fresh fruit and vegetables from the market. It was a hot and sunny day, so at lunch time we went to a cute tea room and ordered these healthy colourful salads. 37 more words