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Sunny Al Fresco Wedding Ceremony In Ojai

There are wedding ceremony tents and then there are spectacular masterpieces of drapery underneath which the prettiest al fresco weddings occur. This Ojai affair photographed by Michael Costa most surely falls underneath the latter. 18 more words

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The UK has been uncharacteristically hot/sunny for the best few days so I am glad that I have been off work for those days!

Thursday 24.07.14

I was awake early again, sat in the garden then went out on my bike for a hour before going to work, had a very quiet and hot day but the day went quickly, came home from work with a nice bottle of red wine off a grateful customer, cooked dinner and then we went to the farm to check on the horses, once home I just chilled out in the garden with a glass of wine and my book

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Sunny (2011)

Films about friends during their teen-aged years who reunite later in life follow a familiar set of conventions. The heroine must find her present situation in life stifling and frustrating. 1,036 more words



Suatu hari di toko makanan hewan dekat rumah.

Sayah : *sambil milih makanan kucing* “Mas, ini apa ya? Whiskas?”
Masnya : “Bukan. Itu Pureplan (lupa apa namanya, semacam ada Plan Plan-nya gitu), Mbak.” 23 more words