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Students get asked to Prom

As prom draws near, students find more and more creative ways to ask their date along to the upperclassmen dance.

Junior Chelsea Tippetts was asked by junior Tristin Decker. 261 more words

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Students Comment on Thoughts of Prom

There are so many different opinions on the subject of prom, such as how much to spend on shoes, tux’s tuxedos or suits, and even if you should get a limo or drive yourself. 404 more words

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Juniors prepare to take ACT

Every junior at Sunrise will take the very important ACT test on April 23, and many of them are hard at work studying and preparing for the ACT. 351 more words

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National Honor Society inducts new members

National Honor Society is a group of students with a strong ambition to make the school a better place. Every April upcoming sophomores are inducted to the club during an NHS ceremony in which parents and students are invited to attend. 288 more words

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Prom Assembly can’t take the heat

The Stadium stadium is full of voices, eager teens still filing in. A voice comes over the speakers, “Alright, sit down everybody, it’s time to start the assembly.” 213 more words

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Sophomores take AIMS test

Sophomores took the AIMS Science and Math tests the week of April 7. Students reacted to the test in various ways.

“The math test was easiest,” sophomore Alejandro Camacho said. 191 more words

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SMHS Media Productions enters PUSD 11 Film Festival

The mMedia pProductions class of Sunrise Mountain is gearing up for the PUSD 11 annual film festival on April 17 at Liberty High School. 195 more words

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