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Sunscreen + tinted moisturizer, amended

I’ve sort of kind of figured out what in fuck to do with the balling problem that arises whenever my Neutrogena sunscreen and theBalm BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer… 628 more words


Cattle Class: The Epic Journey

We’ve been travelling around India, Nepal, and Cambodia for 3 months now and, let’s be honest, all I really want to do is stand in the shower with my mouth open. 1,647 more words


Irish Eyes Are Smiling but Irish Skin Is Burning (And It's Not Just Us)

 Ello, everyone!

 This is a friendly reminder to always wear sunscreen if you’re going to be outside, no matter your complexion. My fellow pale party is easily reminded to wear sunscreen, as we hiss and melt dramatically in the presence of the sun. 697 more words


Coppertone w/ Lady La

Summer is just months away but you can already feel that heat!  However today Lady La and the 101.5 Entourage were out at your neighborhood Wal-Mart taking care of you with coupons to Coppertone’s new clearly Sheer Sunscreen!

Check it all out HERE!

Lady La

Friday Favorites - Sleep Better with These

I have always been a sleeper. My parents would take me on a 20min car ride, and I would be knocked out in the back seat. 274 more words

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Hyperpigmentation (Skin Discoloration) or Hypopigmentation (Lack of Color)

Melanin is produced by melanocytes in the basal layer of the skin. This complex protein determines the color of your skin and hair. Both internal and external factors affect the production of melanin. 368 more words

A lazy girl’s guide to great skin.

The simplest and most basic skin care routine ever. 

Some of my girlfriends pick up some really great products. They even swear by them. But when I ask them how they are working a few months down the road, they sheepishly tell me that they don’t know as they only used them for a few weeks and now those ‘amazing’ and expensive products are catching dust somewhere in their cupboards.  661 more words

3 Step Regimen