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The History of Tanning

Sun tanning is popular in today’s culture, and tans are seen as beautiful, but that wasn’t always the case!

Centuries ago, having pale skin was a status symbol. 659 more words

Best Sunscreen For Face - Shiseido Anessa Sunscreen

If you’re looking for the best sunscreen for face, then the Shiseido Anessa sunscreens are definitely one of the most effective and comfortable products available in the market. 584 more words


Summer Approacheth

Q. Can you recommend a sunscreen that can be used every day?  – Kelli-May via email

A. Why yes I can.

Wearing sunscreen every day is super important, particularly for us women concerned about wrinkles as the sun is the highest contributor to skin ageing. 44 more words

Santa Barbara for Labor Day!

Rules for packing:

1. Pack pants first.

In my haste to beat the infamous LA traffic, I threw together some fun tops and jewelry to complement. 124 more words

Solait 50 spf Mattifying Fluid

*UPDATE 14/05/2014* I recently have had quite dry skin due an acne treatment, and this product works so much better! But as it stands, I still would only recommend this product to people with less oily skin.   107 more words


bleached ...

Despite living in the tropics, I avoid the use of sunscreen. The chemicals in it don’t like me. It’s now apparent, marine life doesn’t like those chemicals either: 189 more words



I know Summer is almost over but this is still important to know :)

Protect yourself! <3