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At 72 degrees North, Summit is within the Arctic Circle. The sun doesn’t set for much of the summer, however since the Solstice on June 21, it’s slowly been sinking lower during the night. 152 more words


Spontaneous Romantic

My heart is fluttering! I’m so excited.. David, new potential love interest, finally texted me! Oh gosh, he is so sweet… He said not to worry, I’ve been on his mind the last week. 92 more words


Moment In the Sun

As the light fades to silence

the daylight she clings

there is solace in the silence

it is silence that sings


Sunset Resolutions

Because who doesn’t love a good sunset?


A Little Bit of Home

I’ve spent just under three months back in Bristol and with not having too much to photograph having already done so in the past, I just went around my garden at various times of the day to shoot a variety of objects which I thought looked interesting after I had taken them. 107 more words



i feel like there’s been more things happening in the past 3 days than there have been in my whole summer.

here, time passes so fast yet i feel like i’ve been here for weeks at least when it has barely been three days. 201 more words