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Sunshine List spreads light on Public Sector Wages

The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act of 1996, is indeed in need of updating. Perhaps names no longer need to be published, just titles? The $100,000 INDIVIDUAL limit should be changed to reflect the rise in the cost of living over the last 18 years, and a formula to take it into the future. 366 more words


Lloyd Brown-John: Sunshine List is shameful and worthless

As a retired servant of the public from the University of Windsor I’m regularly annoyed with Ontario’s annual dabble with the Sunshine List of public salaries. 626 more words


Tell us what info you want as open data, province says

The Ontario government wants to start releasing open data sets using public information it holds, but it wants to know what interested people want give out first. 407 more words

Greater Ottawa

Colossal salaries must stop

The colossal $200,000 to $300,000 salaries must cease.

These high wages are sheer greed of public employees and a total disregard of the struggling taxpayers who must wake up, stand together and cease paying taxes until these robber barons repay half of what they filched. 15 more words


Jarvis: The rank and file raking it in

Sixty thousand dollars a year more – it’s like a second job for the average family in Windsor.

Forty-four per cent more – about 10 times the piddling increase ordinary people received. 883 more words


Public employees make six figures without working full year

County of Essex CAO Brian Gregg: $196,455
Tecumseh CAO Tony Haddad: $191,574
Leamington CAO Bill Marck: $168,433
LaSalle CAO Kevin Miller: $162,617
Kingsville CAO Dan DiGiovanni: 673 more words


Turn over some police jobs to civilians, cost-cutting report urges

Your home has been burglarized and you call police. But instead of an armed officer, a specially trained civilian investigator shows up at your door. 712 more words