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Take the benefits of energizing!

It is not easy to get “word of mouth” volunteers from your consumers as pay for advertising media. However, the effect of word of mouth could make much more contribution for sells performance since people believe the frontier is more trustable than the letter. 505 more words

Suntrust Verona

Suntrust Properties Inc., translates romance into reality in its newest community development in Silang, Cavite: Verona. Dubbed “la citta’ di amore” which translates to “the city of love”, the Verona project takes its inspiration from the Italian city of Verona, the setting of William Shakespeare’s renowned play, “Romeo and Juliet”. 260 more words

Embrace Twitter!

   Twitter becomes to one of the major social network now. It has a huge number of users and almost every business has registered their own account on Twitter. 400 more words

Week 3 - Photoblitzing Safari

For this activity, I chose DuPont Circle because there is always a lot of activity happening there.  The interaction of the circle with asymmetrical, yet perpendicular lines creates an interesting dynamic of lines and curves.  250 more words

Benefits of create a communication forum for business

One of the most benefits we could get from use groundswell is it helps to save time, energy and money on repeat same informations by put informations on a viewable platform. 455 more words

Social Media Marketing

A better option of "advertisement"!

Traditional advertising was focus on spread information to as more people as possible and let people see or hear their advertisement as frequency as possible, while these cost a lot for companies, but did not work well as before because every business know about this and would like to spend money on it. 413 more words

In Atlanta

Quenching thirst with TlawFoto