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Venezia - Short

Featuring: Rosie Nicholls  –  Music by: The Clear Night Sky
All footage shot on Super 8mm film in Venice.


The  first part of my side project ( ‘side’ is from footwear perspective) that took me a while to finish, and is now in my personal journal:  Landscape On Film.

Short Movie

Landscape On Film

One day it will be really old movie. But even though right now its only 5 years old footage, this short story already seems to whisper from the time immemorial – thank to the unrepeatable Super 8mm film look and the content of the image (I mean landscape and absence of gadgets).   52 more words

Anna Zaboeva

Carcassonne 15/7/14 - 17/7/14

summertime sadness; 50D super 8mm film straight out of the cartridge.