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You guessed it–the first “episode” of SLAM FANS is here! I’m glad to be getting this up; not only does it feel good to stick to the schedule, it’s good to be writing, and it’s good to see this thing through. 183 more words

Captain Crash and Smash Girl

Fanart for the Powertrip cartoon.:)
This is also my first attempt at drawing dudes.


"Do you have your Gotham?" 12/17/14

THE ENCOUNTER III > This story is written as if fictional, but it is not, I’m living this every day. Do you know your specific assignment from God? 544 more words

Requiem For A Spider-Man Reboot

As we all know, the latest buzz going around the ‘net has been about the leaked emails from Sony Pictures and in particular the future of the Spider-Man film franchise. 1,167 more words


Our Very Special Christmas Diorama and Wreaths

My wife and I have our conventional traditions. I drag our Christmas tree down from the attic so we can reassemble it and choose which ornaments see the light of day this year and which ones stay packed. 478 more words


calling... super heroes

Mothers, the best known super heroes,  start their early mornings making good use of a lot of their super powers. Elasticity to meet everyone’s needs, speed for everything to happen, telepathy to guess what goes on all the brains, and, incredible strength and stamina, to cope with all of it. 133 more words


Sleeping with the Men of Marvel

Even though I tend to favor DC over Marvel, I couldn’t pass up this sweatshirt. It’s missing Vapor or Dragoness or Black Mamba or Dark Angel or Red She-Hulk or Dreamqueen or Nocturne, but I bought it anyway. 24 more words