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'Doom' And 'Mario 64' Had A Baby That You're Definitely Going To Want To Play

Doom is, obviously, a great game, but does it always have to be so gloomy? Hell on Earth this, demons that – wouldn’t the game be more fun with some more upbeat music and maybe a few coins scattered around? 120 more words


Uhh, what is that?

Welcome to Bob-omb Pi!

This blog is a project I am starting to keep track of my many
abstract opinions and views.

Who am I?

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Shigeru Miyamoto vs Yu Suzuki: The Battle for 3D

During the battle- no, war between Nintendo and SEGA, there were many generals that pioneered economic expansion and redrew battle lines for land. However, history is not only known for its generals, but its historians, and its artists. 880 more words

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