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Indie Game Radar: Environmental Station Alpha

I think I’ve stumbled upon another indie game that’s of higher quality than its current level of visibility justifies. Only a handful of well-known gaming sites have mentioned it, it’s supposed to be out this year, and already has a demo available. 533 more words


The Initiative: Kayes Plays

Whenever I watch I “Let’s Play(LP)” video I always wish there was a ‘mute’ button for the person playing the game.  Not that I hate LP commentary, but some time you just want to watch a game without someone talking over it.   68 more words


Comp-U-Zone #6

#6: Sequel Shenanigans

There’s an interesting phenomenon that exists entirely within the world of video games. I call it “The Super Streets of Sonic Fighter II Effect”. 914 more words

Sweet Memories

Super Metroid - SNES - Part II

I started playing Super Metroid a while ago, which is awesome, and decided that because I have basically 0 first-hand knowledge of this particular game or the series in general, I would do some live-blogging. 269 more words


Remember Super Ghouls N Ghosts?

Remember Super Ghouls N Ghosts? It was the third game in the Ghosts N Goblins series, and the first one for the Super Nintendo. It was pretty much the same as… 1,237 more words

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