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UWG Top 10: #10 - Super Metroid

To this day, I still don’t know how I managed to choose Super Metroid.

Lets face it, 1995 was a completely different era for gamers. It was the age of Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis, Mortal Kombat was still considered to be extremely controversial, Nintendo Power was a huge selling magazine, game purchases were done only in big retail stores and more importantly, online blogs, game sites, and social media didn’t exist. 820 more words


Gaming Backlog - My Shame

Backlog. A curse word in some circles. It is the bane of many gamers’ existence. Like entropy, it continually grows, never lessening. Some don’t give up hope, holding onto the ever fleeting “one day,” when time stands still, and all the tasks and goals that have fallen by the wayside over the years can finally be put to rest, completed. 595 more words

Video Games

Here are some video game highlights from April of years past


How Midkn1ght Thinks Nintendo Should #WiiUvenate

Remember that time you went out for the midnight release of that highly anticipated Wii/Wii U game? Oh you don’t? Well that’s okay because neither do I. 363 more words

Super Metroid (SNES/WiiU Virtual Console) - Review

Putting The Super In Super Nintendo.

I never played Super Metroid when it was originally released so you may expect this game to be very different when compared to another retro games (such as Mario or the Zelda series) as I won’t be wearing nostalgia googles while playing this. 488 more words


Happy Japanese Birthday Super Metroid

Just as it looks in the title! While it released in the U.S. on April 18, 1994 (The day right after my birthday!), Super Metroid released first in the land of the rising sun on March 19, 1994. 164 more words


IKEA Ribba Papercraft Part 3: Metroid

Part 1: Super Mario 3   Part 2: Super Mario   Ikea Ribba Frame 

Today I am very happy to share another Nintendo diorama for IKEA’s ubiquitous Ribba frame, this time a scene from… 130 more words

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