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5. Super Metroid (Nintendo, 1994, SNES)

I had spent hours looking for a way through, traversing mazes of underground corridors in planet Zebes, searching for an answer in endless phosphorescent caves, fighting mutated insects and extraterrestrial monsters, investigating abandoned laboratories, and activating ancient temples and machinery. 616 more words

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Super Metroid für das SNES

Bei Super Metroid hatte ich echt Glück ein so gut erhaltenes Exemplar zu bekommen. Das Spiel ist zwar nicht rare, aber dennoch ist es eines der begehrtesten Nintendo Spiele. 357 more words


Manic Pixie Dream Cast (and Me)!

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to my words (as incoherent as they may be) rather than just read them, well here’s your chance! Or, um…the links below are your chance…chances. 261 more words


Music to My Ears: Brinstar Overgrown with Vegetation

Music to My Ears is looking a little green in the gills.

If you ask me on a given day to pick my favorite video game song, the answer will probably change. 467 more words

Video Games

Point of Entry: Wii U

A little over a week ago I made a new gaming purchase, one I thought I never would have made.

On May 30th, Nintendo release the eighth installment of its incredibly successful Mario Kart franchise and leading up to that specific release it was hard to ignore the gaming buzz surrounding it. 797 more words


Metroid is looking to return as both 2D and 3D style games!

If theres on thing that Metroid fans rarely agree on, its whether the Prime games or the old school 2D games are the best. Well in an interview with Kotaku, Shinya Takahashi, Nintendo’s General Manager, has stated that “We feel that we do need to take care of both of these styles of play. 40 more words