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Giving Thanks for (Seven) Video Games

Here in the states, we’re in the throes of another turkey day. Happy Thanksgiving! Or, happy Thursday! However you are spending today, I hope you are enjoying it. 874 more words

United We Game

Console Wars

It’s a debate that to this very day causes bloodshed. It turns brother against brother, and sons against fathers: The 16-bit Sega-Nintendo console war. That’s what it became known as, anyway. 827 more words

Sweet Memories

See You Next Mission - The Future of Metroid

I am a huge fan of the Metroid franchise. I own every game in the series, have beaten them all with 100% completion, done speed runs of… 1,263 more words

Game Criticism

Super Metroid

This is just a really good game.

I can’t think of any criticism. You should play it if you haven’t. I respect this game too much to include any perverted references so: 14 more words