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TeamSupreme Vol. 106

I had the honor of curating and mixing this week’s TeamSupreme cypher, so I spent the majority of last night listening to over 100 remixes of… 47 more words


To the Moon: Here's lookin' at you.

Without you, the Earth would be a wobbly, windy, uninhabitable world. I’m so glad we bumped into each other a billion or so years ago. 112 more words


More on the upcoming Blood Moons!! (Two videos!!)

A reader sent me a video link this morning that is very interesting.  Marl Biltz is interviewed on Prophecy In The News about the upcoming Blood Moon Tetrad.  139 more words

A Thought...

there is no place that we can hide…

sometimes you get a super moon
that brightens up the dark
sometimes you find an acorn
as you’re walking through the park
now a mouse may find elusive cheese… 82 more words


Super moon

“I want to be the first and second man to dance on the moon. No, I won’t moonwalk. But I will Cha Cha–with my clone.” ~ Jarod Kintz