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Super moon, super zoom!

I would guess that many people would think I took this picture with an extremely expensive camera due to the incredible detailing of the craters on the moon.   100 more words


A Thousand Words is Worth One Picture: Cruise

I didn’t anticipate the sheer giddiness that overcame me when we put out to sea in August on our first cruise. I had spent the last four weeks trying to make sure everything was packed just right, passports came through, evening wear was not super wrinkled, that I had enough motion sickness blockers to cover me the whole week, and all the other planning that goes into a cruise the first time. 890 more words

Abby Jones

The sky is full of secrets

The moon has been super visible this week, so I had to make the most out of my telescope. Now i’m not the tallest person in the world, but I tried to angle my telescope directly with the moon and holding my camera. 50 more words


Good night Blood moon

In a great white room
there was a clock,
Clickity – Click, Went the clock.
Or so really, that was me with a smart mock. 339 more words


Astrology Status for October 7, 2014 - A Special Eclipse Bulletin

Thank you, Carl! -LW

Astrology charts, even the patterns for a whole astrological cycle, are fractal (or self-similar) in nature. They repeat recognizably over and over and over for the duration of the cycle. 830 more words

What's Happening In The Heavens

Secondaries, Tertiaries, New Stuff

After the fabulous markers I posted last month,

I recently found some water colors in a similar vein:

As I used them I realized they don’t have all the true primary colors–the reds tend to be off and I end up using tube color to get true red. 366 more words