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We Now Live In A World Where We Need To Fear Potato Gun Violence

I’ve seen a crazy shit in my day.¬† Macklemore’s foreskin shoes.¬† The Sochi Olympics. Two separate women willingly marrying Ashton Kutcher. But nothing prepared me for… 178 more words

5 Steps to Make your Child Listen to You

Ever experienced bad tantrums, cries and bawling from the little ones? Sick of having to deal with demands for new toys, candies or having to fight for the TV remote control? 775 more words


Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (09.19.14)

1. Joan Rivers doctor stomps selfie rumors

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2. Jennifer Lawrence spotted blowing off some steam

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Wonder J - The Super Nanny

With all the drama surrounding the Corner Market incident I would like to take a moment to give a written standing ovation to my own personal superhero, Wonder J, the Super Nanny! 602 more words