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Metro gets the Super Mario treatment

Metro has gone 16-bit! That might be a step backward when it comes to technology, but not when it comes to nostalgia. Over the weekend, Chicago artist Robert Bacon… 145 more words

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Star Fox Review: No, Not the One On Nintendo 64

Ah, Star Fox. If there’s anything that’ll make me nostalgic for my childhood, it’s memories of flying around the Lylat Sytem in my Arwing and waging war against the forces of Andross. 632 more words

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Nintendo & Beyond: My Journey Through Video Gaming

The following blog post is a re-posted item from my group blog, “jjjdrew.” Please enjoy.

Growing up, my brother and I were certified Nintendo nuts. When Jonathan (my brother) was young, he got a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas one year. 531 more words

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