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Pilotwings - Super Nintendo

Pilotwings was a groundbreaking game for consoles that was a launch title for the North American release of the Super Nintendo in 1991.  The thing that was groundbreaking was the simulated 3D graphics made possible by the Super Nintendo graphic chip’s special ability called “Mode 7.”  Mode 7 allowed developers to rotate and scale graphics.  504 more words


Home Alone - Super Nintendo

Home Alone for the Super Nintendo has all of the ingredients for a disaster.  It’s based on a movie, and it was published by THQ who were infamous for releasing really bad games back then.  464 more words


U.N. Squadron - Super Nintendo

Things sure have changed in the past 20-25 years as far as video games go.  Back in the early 1990’s, game companies would make games for home consoles artificially hard in order to increase their replayability.  656 more words


Road Riot 4WD - Super Nintendo

I’m not sure how many people remember Road Riot 4WD in the arcades, but it was a terrifically fun 1991 arcade game from Atari.  It is a racing game where you drive a dune buggy type of vehicle.  415 more words


Ep 088 - Evil Geeks Disassembled: The Gamer Show

Hey there, gaming Evil Geeks! Today we’re dropping a brand new podcast which should be right up your alley; Hogan’s Alley that is! It’s The Gamer Show; a podcast in which your Evil Geek brethren will talk about all their favorite games from the past and present, talk about upcoming titles that we’re revved up for, chat about… 92 more words

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