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Playing Donkey Kong Country online: Gorillas in the web

Lately I have been on a vintage gaming binge, prompted by two very retro ‘current’ games I am going through, ‘Dragon Quest VI: Dreams of Reverie’ for the Nintendo DS and ‘Strider’ for the PS3. 750 more words


Before They Were Famous: Paul Rudd in Super Nintendo Commercial

Before Paul Rudd was playing some of our favorite comedic roles, he was playing with power…Super Nintendo Power…and also likely playing with himself as young men tend to masturbate. Enjoy the commercial!


The Credible Hulk's Top 5 Game Consoles

For weeks, I’ve been building to this list. I had the idea for a Top 5 post of my favorite consoles a while ago, but what about the games? 515 more words

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Game Over Breasts

by Jed Pressgrove

The promotional art of Amazing Princess Sarah recalls the silly boob adventure games on Xbox Live Indie Games. The actual game has little in common with this vapid subgenre. 798 more words

"Illusion of Gaia" Retro Play - The Nazca Flying Gardens?

It’s no secret that the world from Illusion of Gaia is a strange variation of Earth, yet this latest video adventure takes us out to the Nazca lines, oddly enough on the same continent as the city of Freejia, where we are whisked away to a strange, garden-like area floating high above the world. 72 more words


The Best Version of: Super Nintendo

Usually when  a gaming console comes out it goes through several revisions in its life. Sometimes these revisions are all internal but many times there also external. 1,277 more words

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Watching This "Asshole Mario" Gif Is The Perfect Way To Start Your Saturday

You can learn a lot about a man by the way he treats Yoshi in Super Mario Bros.  Some people feed the Yosh and will never leave him behind.   28 more words