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I Blame You, Baby Jee

Whoever thought Christmas was a good idea was a complete and utter ass. Was it you, Baby Jesus? I blame you.

I’ve always been critical of the commodification of a religious holiday, and the deep commercial drive behind this supposedly festive time of year. 516 more words


Modo 7 SNES

El modo 7 (en inglés mode 7) es un sistema de procesamiento gráfico desarrollado por Nintendo para la consola de Super Nintendo, en la cual manipula una textura para que sea rotada y escalada, para crear una perspectiva de profundidad en una superficie 2D. 173 more words


I almost got hit by a blue shell in Toronto!

Found these amazing crosswalks all through Church and Wellesley aka “The 519″ in Toronto.

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Overlooked: The Secret Krem Koin of DKC2

You may have read a post I wrote about how I can be a naughty cheater sometimes. You may not have. Here’s a recap: I sometimes cheat at video games. 417 more words

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Chrono Trigger

Latest bit of pixel art for you folks. This time going back to Chrono Trigger with Crono. Hope you like

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NBA Jam - Girl Gamers

I played this game on the snes today. It’s an old classic I’d never played before, to be honest I was a Mega Drive kid so missed out on the Nintendo games, they didn’t look as cool at the time but actually most of them were a lot better. 530 more words