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Breath of Fire - Blind Run - Part 2

So technically this is no longer a blind run.  I resorted to using a FAQ when I had no idea how to reach a cave.  I realized I may be spoiled by modern games which spend what you might say an inordinate amount of time hand holding the player; however, I much prefer that to being lost.   153 more words

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Newly diagnosed, how video games are saving my life

I was just diagnosed this year with Borderline Personality Disorder. Or BPD.

A lot of things make sense now, why my emotions are so unstable and on a daily basis. 363 more words


Sunday Showcase: Porky Pig's Haunted Holidays [SNES]

So Wiz visits the Haunted Holidays again. Will he ever get away from it?

Be sure to vote for next week’s Sunday Showcase by Thursday 12 PM EST: … 228 more words


Breath of Fire - Blind Run - Introduction

My next game is Breath of Fire for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  This will be a blind run of the game.  I’ve never played it before, and I won’t be using any FAQs to finish it. 101 more words

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Ninja Warriors Again review for SNES

It has ninjas and cyborgs!
What else do you need?

The SNES is still one of the best consoles for beat-em-up games.
This nearly extinct genre of gaming ruled in primeval era of gaming. 462 more words

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For Sale on Ebay: Collection of every NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, N64, Game Cube and SEGA game

Seriously who wants to go halfsies? This 5,700+ game video game and console collection being sold by eBayer reel.big.fish includes every retail Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Virtual Boy, N64, Gamecube and Sega Master System game sold in North America, plus a ton of of Game Boy Advanced, Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear, Atari 2600 and Turbografx-16. 79 more words


Race Drivin' (SNES) (1992)

Race Drivin’ (1992)

I do love witnessing bad driving and the road rage that often follows – it’s a perfect opportunity to see humans at their basest. 1,778 more words

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