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Rewrite VN – Shizuru route (spoilers!)

After Kotori and Chihaya, it is time for the shortest heroine route – Shizuru. Shortest, because Shizuru is the smallest of the girls, and because the route has the least lines. 1,217 more words

Visual Novels

Rewrite VN – Chihaya route (spoilers!)

After finishing Kotori’s route, I immediately moved on to the next heroine. Her name is Chihaya Ohtori. 741 more words

Visual Novels

If You Could Have Any Superpower?

“Teleportation. I’d go everywhere and see everything”

“Time travel”

“Talk to animals. I’d love to do nothing else”

“To create love”

“Drawing. I want to be able to draw anything” 35 more words

Everyday People

lucid dreaming, near-death experiences and other ways of transcendence..

I had my first lucid-dream only some months ago. It was one of those blissful ‘wow’ moments when – for a glimpse that never promises to come back – I get in contact with some of my unreached inner powers. 349 more words


Review -- Deviation by Christine Manzari

I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review. 627 more words


The Young Elites by Marie Lu

As a huge fan of Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy, I was very excited about her new series beginning with The Young Elites. Switching from dystopian to fantasy, this book set in the middle ages follows the lives of young adults who caught a virus and those who survived developed super-human powers, known as the Young Elites. 148 more words

The Cat of Crosby Road


Ali, a cat with extraordinary  powers, had made his home with Jean Bell, after she had saved his life. Jean attended Crosby Road Secondary Modern School and Ali took a keen interest in all that went on there. 22 more words