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Inspirational Quote Wars

If I get bummed, or stuck in rut of  thinking about the fact that I think too much, I often turn to inspirational quotes to help inspire me out of it.   139 more words


Aidan Recommends

V is for Villain

by: Peter Moore

An action packed novel that fans of the superhero universe will devour!

available now in hardcover

from Disney-Hyperion


So You Want to Have a Superpower...

So I’m pretty geeky. I enjoy the comics and the video games, and over the years I tend to ask those who are close to me, “What super power would you have?” 1,136 more words


I'm The King of Comebacks

I just finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s “David & Goliath” and I can’t stop thinking of one of the basic ideas in the book, the fact that we often think that we succeed in spite of adversities or hardships when it often is thanks to them that we develop skills and attitudes that make us prevail and, eventually, succeed. 614 more words


'Adventure Time' recap: Origin story time

Season 6 | Episode 16 | “Joshua and Margaret Investigations” | Aired Aug 14, 2014

Some heroes are born great; others have greatness thrust upon them. 798 more words

Everyone needs a Spider Man costume

He is small and brave. He pedals his trainer-wheels-tricycle along the roadside. He is unaware of the four-wheeled machines – or rather the danger that the monsters inside the machines possess. 411 more words

Bits And Pieces

YeahWrite Summer 2014- Metal and Rain

The air around me was cold, yet I didn’t feel it. All I felt was fear. Fear, and the adrenaline pulsing throughout my body. I was out of breath. 732 more words