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Infinite Midlife Crisis

If I were to try and trace the beginnings of my midlife crisis–such as it’s been–I imagine I could source its origins back to early 2008, when I was deeply unemployed and desperately depressed enough to seek help via a depression study I heard about in a radio ad. 1,198 more words

The Everyday Soldier (OF)

Part of their longest aspect of training is discipline; through tolerance, ignorance or any other conflicting factors that would agitate the everyday soldier.
The more elite sections of the military cannot stand the idea of being detached/attached with lazier groups of soldiers for lacking appropriate amounts of discipline. 104 more words


Old Force Operators

Members of Old Force (OF) are highly trained operatives that function in the everyday routine of “the normal soldier.” Once a Operator is selected into the Old Force they undergo a vigorous and life threatening genetic enhancement. 186 more words


What's to Come!

Cheveyo is part of a highly developed covert organization that operates through the ruse of false Identities. These operators are imbedded within units across the controlled sectors of MilkyWay Forces (MWF), the governing faction that was created after the Soul System Conflict. 73 more words


The Old Force Creed

The Old Force Commander stood before the soon to be new freshly minted operators of the Old Force. He starred down at the small group eyeing them firmly. 118 more words