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A Totem Pole to Nothing

While I was deciding whether or not to get out of bed before or after noon this morning I got a text message from The Reptile. 725 more words


Superpower: Talking to you at the most inconvenient time to inconvenience you further

You might not think that’s a good superpower, but it actually is. If you’re a supervillain that is. And in your supervillainy ways, you’ve been made at least middle management. 343 more words


Comix and Mad Dumb Inc.

Mad Dumb Incorporated began as a class project for a DreamWeaver class I was taking in the winter of 2013. I just like the phrase…”mad dumb”, a phrase that has many meanings….”excellent, very funny, very stupid”, all of those things…or none of those things. 292 more words

Party Girl Chapter VI "Love Me"

Newest chapter of Party Girl featuring the hugely talented Alan Chow and Mo Lindholm, alongside the other usual ass kicking cast members.

We had some audio issues and some FX issues as well, due to disagreements with the FX guy we had set last year. 53 more words

Taurian Films

Mr. Fratto Makes a Time Machine (Part 1)

Post-It Note books!

I’m a pretty bad dude, guys.  A bad dude.  I prevent my students from being born!  And then laugh like an evil cartoon villain. 12 more words