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Henchstories I

I am the icon collector,
the idol maker, 
the diddler of words
(Hah!  You know how it goes:
we're all in cahoots)
When the words are primed
and my lips are poised,
I plan to unleash them 
on the hapless world
(insert wicked laugh here)
A villainous calling, yes,
you're right about that. 241 more words

Secret Identity

A man walked into a conclave of super-villains. Actually, he ran; otherwise, his cape wouldn’t have billowed properly. (Billowing, of course, is a major aesthetic consideration for the would-be costumed crime fighter, second only to action figure scale.) Without warning, he sprang into action, shouting “bam,” “thwap” and “zowie” as he punched, kicked and finger-poked his enemies in the face and/or nuts. 125 more words


I’m so excited to finally share with everyone this AWESOME cover for another of my authors, the wonderful D.M. Cunningham, by the super-wicked artist, … 303 more words

Spencer Hill Press

The Joker's Escape

This weekend I cleaned out my son’s bedroom. I got rid of a bunch of stuff when he wasn’t looking. While I was cleaning, I came across these two DC get away hot rods and couldn’t bring myself to bag ‘em up. 20 more words


Harley Quinn and the Arrow Rumors

Decided to put up a Harley Quinn web site theme and Gravatar. I was Harley Quinn for Halloween and I used my own photos in the design. 64 more words


What Did I Tell You About Deathstroke?

A trailer for the new arc on CW’s Arrow has been released. You can have a look. Deathstroke is the big bad here. I maintain that he may be DC’s most interesting (and most marketable) non-Bat-villain. 30 more words


#3 and Heart Shaped Grenades

Gotta love #3~ Harley Quinn didn’t grace the cover of her February issue on Valentines Day. That would just be ridiculous! Instead…she opted for a post VD, week late appearance with a mangled heart and heart shaped grenades! 21 more words