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Damaged Goods with Kai Strand

I’m thrilled to have one of my favorite authors (she likes when I call her that) on the site today. And not only is Kai Strand here for an unprecedented third time (OK, the site’s not that old), but she brought goodies to give away . 1,016 more words

Guest Posts

Ravager (Rose Wilson)

Costume: Ravager (Rose Wilson)

Skin: Elysium Adriana Fair

Shape: Happy Face Jaci

Hair: Wasabi Pills Sybille “Golden”

The daughter of deathstroke (Illegitimate no  less, oh, the sauce!) she can see into the future has chemically enhanced strength, speed, intelligence and stamina (sounds like Rose to me :D) 36 more words

Tigress (Artemis Crock)

Costume: Tigress (Artemis Crock)

Skin: Elysium Adriana fair

Shape: Happy face Jaci

Hair: Catwa Flexi Bella black “dark natural”

The character of Tigress has a rich history. 107 more words

Cheshire (New 52)

Costume: Cheshire (New 52)

Skin: Elysium Adriana fair

Shape: Happy face Jaci

Hair: Wasabi Pills Sybille Black Coffee

Cheshire: She’s a multi martial arts expert, she’s an assassin, a villain ohh and dips her nails in various poisons that you do not want to be on the end of. 108 more words

Two Things

Been a quiet year musically, but there are two things on the horizon.

I’ve submitted two separate tracks to two separate compilations that are running in conjunction with the Facebook ‘Electronomicon’ group. 164 more words

Music News

Blog: The Punisher vs Red Hood!

Well the guys over at Batinthesun’s YouTube channel have created another Super Power Beat Down this round its The Punisher vs Red Hood!


~Felicia~ reblogged this on My Voyage Through Time and commented:

Commmmmeeee on Red Hood! You looked like a total weakling in this video. Maybe I'll be Red Hood next year for Halloween. By then, my guns will be bigger than both these dudes! The awesome Batinthesun can hire me to play Red Hood and refilm this vid for their YouTube channel. Nawww...that wouldn't work at all. The Red Hood eventually becomes The Joker. Maybe I'm just mad?! Or maybe I'm just a joke?! ~~~~~F