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Yellowstone Super Volcano Much Larger Than Thought

Source: Modern Survival Blog, by Ken Jorgustin

The Yellowstone ‘super volcano’ is a mega disaster eruption just waiting to happen. And if that isn’t enough to capture your attention, it has been revealed that Yellowstone’s underground volcanic plumbing is much bigger and better connected than scientists previously thought. 74 more words

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Yellowstone Bison "Bemused" After Punking Thousands Of Idiots On The Internet

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK (CT&P) – A spokesman for the Even-toed Ungulates Society of Greater Yellowstone told reporters this morning that Yellowstone bison were “tickled and a little bemused” by all the attention that a short video of themselves was getting on the internet. 513 more words


Yellowstone Super-Volcano Bison Migration is a Hoax

Recently there has been a video on social media of Bison running away in Yellowstone National Park, sparking a lot of speculation that the Yellowstone Super-Volcano may be ready to erupt, and thus, the bison are trying to get out. 168 more words

Animals Fleeing Yellowstone National Park

Reports across social media that animals are allegedly fleeing Yellowstone National Park have caused Yellowstone Volcano to trend on Google today.  The reports of animals fleeing started to surface April 2nd following a series of low level earthquakes in the world famous park March 30th. 85 more words

Are Animals Fleeing Yellowstone Park? Is This A Video Of A Spring Migration Or A Warning Of Impending Doom

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS: Are Buffalo running away from Yellowstone. A video that has gone viral shows a herd of Buffalo running or should I say fleeing Yellowstone Park. 957 more words