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Guide : How to pick up best 3DS Flashcart For 3DS V7.1.0-16 ?

3DS console firmware has been updated to V7.1.0-16 for ages and for the time being, almost all flash kit can work well on it and following is a simple guide on how to pick up a right 3ds flashcart for N3DS V7.1.0-16 : 228 more words


Gateway 3ds, supercard dstwo, mt-card ,which one is best card for 3ds/nds/gba roms supported ?

If you want buy a flash kit to play both NDS games, 3DS games and GBA games, there are only one card can live up to your requirment, it named gateway 3ds, but to meet all requirments, it has some limited as well: 403 more words

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Why Supercard DSTwo is different from other card?

The Supercard DSTwo is without no doubt the best card you can buy for your console. It support DS Lite / DS, DSi / DSi XL, 3DS/3DS XL even the latest version such as DSi Ver 1.45, 3DS Ver 7.1.0-16. 486 more words

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Where to find a usa online store that sell cheap and geniune 3ds flashcart by mastercard ?

For the time being,there are so many brand or kinds of flashcart, so if you are in the market for a 3ds flash kit, maybe following summary will help you pick up a right card for your console : 323 more words


How to update dstwo and use it play gba games for N3DS V7.1.0-16

Nintendo has updated 3ds firmware to v7.1.0-16 for ages, just as we knew,the firmware updated didnt mean to block any flash kit,inclued dstwo. According to our tested, supercard dstwo can directly work on it, if you are in the market for a dstwo with up to date firmware,you can go to modcipfactory.com and buy it from here : 276 more words


Supercard dstwo or EZFlash,Which of these two emulates GBA games best on the DS/DSi/3DS ?

Both of dstwo and ezlflash card can support gba games, the mainly different lies in follwing sides :

1. From different team.

2.EZ-Flash IV doesn’t use emulation, its all pure hardware running on the DS Phat’s GBA code, so it means it runs your GBA backups perfectly without lags or slow downs,dstwo comes with gba emulator,do you dont need any buy extra item . 261 more words