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Levitating Pumpkins! Halloween Science

“”And the cursed pumpkin rose up from the earth, carried to the sky by the spirits of All Hallows’ Eve.” Or in other words, Andy put a superconductor in a pumpkin and levitated it on a magnetic track. 50 more words


Optimizing the power of Superconductors by metamaterials

The first metamaterial superconductor: One step closer to futuristic physics-defying contraptions

In the realms of electronics, magnetism, and quantum mechanics, superconductivity has an almost mythical status. 457 more words


New evidence for an exotic, predicted superconducting state

Superconductors and magnetic fields do not usually get along. But a research team led by a Brown University physicist has produced new evidence for an exotic superconducting state, first predicted a half-century ago, that can indeed arise when a superconductor is exposed to a strong magnetic field. 805 more words