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"Trees go high-tech: process turns cellulose into energy storage devices "

This is exciting – through some process it is possible to make cheap superconductors out of cellulose:

OSU chemists have found that cellulose – the most abundant organic polymer on Earth and a key component of trees – can be heated in a furnace in the presence of ammonia, and turned into the building blocks for supercapacitors.

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Superconducting qubits break the threshold

A recent paper on the arxiv reports great strides towards a working quantum computer. John Martinis’ team at UCSB have demonstrated incredibly precise, very low noise quantum computing operations using superconducting qubits. 280 more words


Getting pernickety about the 1st pnictide superconductor, LaOFeP

What does it look like?

LaOFeP, also known as a ‘1111’ superconductor, is a layered structure which is considered conducive to superconductivity, similar to the Cu-O superconductors… 243 more words

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