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Watch a Supercut of Every Onscreen Death in the Star Wars Trilogy

A lot of people die in the original Star Wars trilogy — and not just people, but also droids, tauntauns, twi’leks, and hutts. This supercut from Digg of every onscreen death in… 95 more words

"Storm's Coming" is my most hated, overused movie cliche

I was starting to do research for a supercut of people saying, “Storm’s Coming” or “There’s a storm coming” from various movies, but Jukka-Pekka Bohm… 129 more words

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Supercuts are probably the most common form of video essay though we may not think of it as one. You can find great examples of supercuts at… 136 more words

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This Video Shows Los Angeles Drivers Being The Absolute Worst

Watch this video that shows L.A. drivers being themselves: cutting people off, drifting across four lanes, texting while driving, and basically anything else that would make you want to never drive again. Hooray for Hollywood.

Game of Thrones Supercuts

It’s October, which means for Game of Thrones fans, that withdrawal is at it’s peak. Thankfully, withdrawal can cause the more creative fans to take to their computers and create hilarious supercuts. 29 more words


The Evolution Of Sexy #NSFW

What began with a quite modest Booty Shake has become over the years more explicit and hot. Sex is a part of music videos and became kind of an art form. 57 more words


Having Fun Doing Nothing: Check Out This Ode To Video Game Idle Animations

Who doesn’t love video game idle animations? You know, the goofy little things your characters do if you don’t touch the controller for a certain length of time. 71 more words