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All Wet: Tech ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Supercut Video

From Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel to Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer to a very wet Bill Gates of Microsoft, tech leaders and pundits take the challenge — all in one video. Including me.


Death Scenes from Every Quentin Tarantino Film

This one is definitely for the more mature crowd, but I thought it was a cool supercut. Check it out here.

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This Supercut of FedEx Eff-Ups Will Make You Angry [VIDEO]

By Matt Dolloff (@mattdolloff)

We’ve all received broken, damaged or just plain questionable packages in the mail before. Sometimes it’s the delivery man’s fault, other times it’s the guys who packed and shipped it. 151 more words


'Let's Be Cops' Star Nina Dobrev On That One Time She Freaked Out About Dating A Police Officer

Her Let’s Be Cops character may get a thrill out of dating a police officer, but Nina Dobrev? Not so much.

The actress, who plays a waitress enamored by a wannabe cop (played by Damon Wayans Jr.) in the comedy  — told PeoplesChoice.com at the premiere that she nearly dated a police officer five years ago. 205 more words


Supercut: Jack and Rose

The supercut I looked at was a montage of every time Rose or Jack’s names were said in the Titanic. I found this particular supercut very interesting because it was like a summary of the entire movie. 158 more words


Here's a Supercut of All of Tom Haverford's Ridiculous Business Ideas on Parks and Rec

One of the many excellent running jokes in NBC’s Parks and Recreation is Tom Haverford’s, uh, entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout the series, he comes up with a variety of business ideas, ranging from the… 48 more words

Friday Night Lights: Pep Talk

In preparation for this week, let’s get pumped,  win State, be the best we can be, stay strong, Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose…

Do we really think Billy Bob can beat this?