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So you've got a Kubrick Supercut, eh?


Whenever I see things like this, it compulsively drives me to work on my own Kuby Collective. Hooray for competitive motivation, but more so– it irks me that people are more drawn to superficial observations of Kubrick’s work than what he’s actually trying to… 530 more words


This Will Kill A Minute: Supercut of Skeletors Insults

If you didn’t know, Skeletor is a bit of a diva…come to think of it, everyone on that show might have been…Anyway, turns out Skeletor enjoyed throwing out some pretty awesome insults from time to time or terrible insults depending on how much of a cynical dick you are. 20 more words


David Archueta, Glorious & The Fan Supercut


Published on Nov 14, 2014

420+ “Glorious” submissions from all over the world and more than 720,000 of video views later, we finally have our supercut! 35 more words

David Archuleta

Small children dance to 'Shake It Off'. You're welcome.

Now I could write about how Taylor Swift is a musical genius or about how excellent her new album is and how you should all get off your bums and onto iTunes (or, you know, to an ACTUAL STORE) and buy it immediately. 97 more words

Things You Need To See

A Dose of Kramer

I love the Internet. It can show you things you need to see, surprisingly just when you need to see them.

Like there is a good soul somewhere out there in the world who created this super-cut of Cosmo Kramer stealing food from Jerry. 9 more words


Gay Men on Screen: "A Place for Us"

My project focuses on the various representations of gay men on screen (both silver and small).

Includes clips from The Maltese Falcon (1941) all the way up to  79 more words

Video Essay