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‘Final Cut 2014′, A Supercut Celebrating 330 Films Released in the Past Year

Film site JoBlo Movie is celebrating the cinematic year that was with a supercut of 330 films that were released in 2014, from Boyhood to… 12 more words


Conan Supercut of 2014

Happy Wednesday! Since our podcast is officially on the iTunes store now I figured I would celebrate by giving back to you! Here is a supercut of Conan in 2014. 11 more words

Final Cut 2014 Squeezes 330 Films Into One Glorious Supercut

Nick Bosworth over at JoBlo has been creating these comprehensive supercuts for a few years now, and “Final Cut: 2014″ is yet another nostalgiavaganza for a year that isn’t quite over yet. 188 more words

Film Drunk

Spreadable Media Blog 4- Ideas: part 3

This blog is the last in this three part series documenting my ideas (good, bad and ugly) for a spreadable media project I am currently doing as part of my MSc course at Salford University. 333 more words

Spreadable Media

WATCH: The Ultimate Kanye West SPAZ-RANT Super-Cut

I just told you who I though I was…a GOD – KANYE WEST

Yeezus certainly isn’t one to pull punches, but that mouth of his is PAINFUL!!! 198 more words


Marketing Keywords to Know: December 4, 2014


Definition: A compilation of video clips used to showcase a recurring theme, word, or phrase

Generally made to create a comedic effect, supercuts are montages of isolated incidents that are very similar. 101 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know