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Supercut: Tattoos in Film

Whether they’ve been used to signify a villain, give a hero a back-story, or just look plain cool, tattoos have been used in film more times than anyone could know. 167 more words


Guy's Kitten Video Of The Day: If It Fits, I Sits - The Supercut

Check out different animals, mostly cats, getting into everything from boxes to shoes.

“If It Fits, I Sits” is a fairly popular video series on Youtube where different animals try to fit into different things. 9 more words


Viral Video: Spoiler Alert! Supercut

Check out a video compilation of movie plot twists which a TON of spoilers.

If you don’t have time to watch the entire movie, here’s a great video for you. 33 more words


Watch Every On-Screen Death In Game Of Thrones In Under 3 Minutes

Did you catch the Season 4 premiere of Game Of Thrones last night? If you did, SHUT UP! Some of us use HBOGo and the world unjustly crashed on us last night and we have to wait until after work today to watch it. 195 more words