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“the very injunction to be happy and just to enjoy yourself can turn into a ferocious superego monster. ..The very lack of explicit prohibitions burdens the subject with an often unbearable guilt.” – Slavoj Zizek

Slavoj Zizek

“The misanthrope experiences, preceding excessive socializing, an inexplicable guilt akin to that of the Christian after sex.” – heteroglossia.tumblr.com


“To compare oneself with others is at centre in the society of enjoyment. Its superego pressure had depressed the Columbine killer: “I wanted happiness!! I never got it!!! 142 more words

Andre Vantino

“ freedom-to-enjoy is reversed into obligation to enjoy..to block access to enjoyment.” – todd mcgowan 7 more words

Todd Mcgowan

“ the super-egoic Father-jouissance … dominates the subject with the command “Enjoy!” … its … function of channeling desire … and the Symbolic declines” – Horror And Evil In The Name Of Enjoyment


Sigmund Freud The Id, Ego, & Superego

Class Starter Questions:  What are some examples of the Id and the pleasure principle from the cartoon? some examples of the superego and the morality principle? 316 more words

Unit 9 Developmental Psychology

Detecting and Dismantling The Superego

We left off last week at the point where we discovered just how messed up the Superego’s nine primary messages are. They are based on fallacies, not objective and punitive in nature. 852 more words