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the real WHOLE self

When one begins to look deeper into the world of philosophy, cosmology, world view and the like, the question “who am I?” becomes of preliminary importance. 1,660 more words

Thoughts To Think On

A bit of thinking...

Creating a project consisted of so many informations isn’t so easy! Today, I have just began filling the added pages. So, just to keep you updated, there are some bits of (hopefully correct) what I know about Psychodynamic theory! 13 more words



There is something enlightening about attending a funeral.
Like being hit by the reality we live our whole lives denying. Basing our every moment in our own invincibility. 228 more words

Catching up with podcasts!

So, I know we talked about  “Serial” a little bit in yesterday’s “How Was Your Day?” post, but let’s talk about it/podcasts some more! 194 more words

Other Demons

To what do I owe this small voice
Offering repentance for the mistake of existing.
Long seeking the acceptance into idealist views of life
This friendship of one… 144 more words