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Detecting and Dismantling The Superego

We left off last week at the point where we discovered just how messed up the Superego’s nine primary messages are. They are based on fallacies, not objective and punitive in nature. 852 more words


“indeterminate ‘guilt’ confronts me with an impenetrable call that prevents recognition of my symbolic mandate.” – Slavoj Zizek

Slavoj Zizek

How Good is Your Love?

Love.  It storms into your life, consumes all you know, revises your life to its own standards, and spits it back at you.  Here.  Don’t you want it? 230 more words


The Superego: Not So Super After All

We have journeyed around the entire Enneagram symbol now – what else could there be to talk about? So much! We have barely scratched the surface of knowledge and understanding about human personality and its implications. 820 more words


Concealed Turmoil

Intricately woven thoughts sail in the oceans of my mind,

Forcing ID, EGO and Super EGO to create, repress and re-express the state of my inner being… my inner turmoil… 50 more words