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I can’t wait for the new Podcasts! Now with Paul F. Tompkins


Перфекционизмът е доста често срещано явление сред хората днес. Стремежът да бъдеш вечно идеален във всяко едно отношение, във всяка една област от живота. Малко хора си дават сметката, че това е невъзможно и че постепенно се превръща в една непрестанна борба, от която човек никога не излиза победител, която го изморява и довежда до изтощение.

Zombies, Desert Island, or Meteorite. They're all the Same.

The other day, my 9 year old asked me why adults like end of the world movies. I don’t remember what brought this up, but she pointed out how a lot of shows and movies grown ups watch are about surviving the end of the world. 861 more words

Freud and the Evening News - The Madness Within

A cursory glance at the evening news reveals a picture of humanity violently at odds with itself. The shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, the violent advance of ISIS in Iraq, and the Israeli attacks on Gaza show the continued influence of nationalism and religion as conduits for violence and hatred. 1,526 more words

Personality Disorders

Don't Call Me That

Because I check my LinkedIn page once in a while, I am exposed to articles about how to get ahead on the job, networking, advances in medicine, and sometimes the results of research or surveys. 276 more words

Things left unsaid are better kept silent.

 She was looking at me expecting a reply.

I didn’t have the words.

She briskly gestured to stop the jeep and left as quickly as she said the phrase “I don’t love you”. 355 more words