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Psychoanalysis 01 Freud (W2L2)

Terry Eagleton, Literary Theory, Ch. 5 “Psychoanalysis”


The model of the psyche

Freud divides the unconscious into three basic units or structures: the ID, the EGO, and the SUPEREGO. 749 more words


Was It All Just A Dream?

This post is coming to you at 9:45am on a Saturday. The reason it is being written this early on a day that I can FINALLY sleep in is because it’s inspiration is still so fresh & vivid in my mind. 1,901 more words

“When we neurotically feel aversions to take up social roles we display a scepticism towards the uprightness of symbolic mandates or jobs.” – We are troubled by the idea of taking up the role of being a public persona, because in modernity we can sense how any such big Otherly persona only works into the hands of the obscene underside of the workings of a society run by masks. 39 more words

Andre Vantino

Id, Ego, Superego

Our personality is influenced by many factors like genetics, your environment, experience and so on. However, in my opinion, we pay little attention to how we, ourselves influence our own personalities. 167 more words

Critical Thinking

Love and the Authority-Ego

Through the cycle of life and death we come to know the fullness of love. Up through the “twisted tree of knowledge of good and evil” our Authority-Ego within leads the way. 457 more words

The Law was smeared, stigmatized, by enjoyment at the very moment of its emergence as the neutral- universal formal law. The very emergence of a pure neutral Law, free of its concrete ‘organic’ life-world support, gives birth to the obscene superego underside, since this very life-world support, once opposed to the pure Law, is all of a sudden perceived as obscene.


Slavoj Zizek

“Schreber was possessed by the vision of the obscene God who wanted to use him as the feminine partner in the act of copulation – this fact ..is ..strictly correlative to the fact that he was the victim of a proto-Foucauldian disciplinary father” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

Slavoj Zizek