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Book: Horns

Once, Ig lived the life of the blessed: born into privilege, the second son of a renowned musician, the younger brother of a rising late-night TV star. 737 more words


“To do the forbidden is the new obligation people feel they should fulfill to be more authentic, or at least, what is supposed by the superego-law of their unconscious ideological surroundings to be authentic.” – Andre Vantino on Lacan

Andre Vantino

“Kafka a perfect staging of bureaucracy: ..“The Court makes no claims upon you. It receives you when you come and it relinquishes you when you go. 15 more words

Slavoj Zizek

“The..late capitalist consumer get orders any more. Orders are now hidden in this universal form. ..You have this warning, “Nicotine can be dangerous to your health”; “Eat whatever you want, but beware of cholesterol,” etc. 23 more words

Slavoj Zizek

“To be forgiven, you must first of all prove that you are guilty, which the Castle denies; there can be no salvation for the innocent.” – Slavoj Zizek

Slavoj Zizek

Feather and Shadow - Acrostic - September 25, 2014

Feather and Shadow

Feather laying upon the grass caused
Eternal questions to pass through my mind …
And contemplating it on the green grass
There came to me a silly thought … 318 more words


I Ain't Afraid of No Id

When I was in high school I took a Psychology course in hopes that it would help me understand why my family were all a bunch of nuts.  851 more words