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TOP 20 best female singers of all time by nostalgicrocknrolla

While all sorts of ‘top’ lists don’t really offer much of valuable content, I often catch myself enjoying these immensely. Whether it’s TOP 10 rock bands of all time list, TOP 50 Rob Schneider movies or ’5 ways to become an alpha male’ guide, you end up being drawn to this type of posts on the internet. 1,472 more words


New bikes arriving regularly

Its 2014, so that means were getting in the bikes we’ve all been waiting for and we’ve been just as excited as you! We have some of the most sought after bikes in the country, many of which were sold out from launch, so get your hands on the latest, must have bikes straight from us. 89 more words

New Bikes

Superfly's Youtube Video Quality

I just found out about Superfly (yes, I late by years) and their music totally hooked me up, however It’s quiet unfortunate to watch their video on Youtube with no HD quality… 44 more words


SUPERFLY - My Best of My Life

SUPERFLY – My Best of My Life

lyric source: jpopasia.com

  • Kanji

確かなものを 探すのはなぜ


生きてく意味を 育ててみよう
今 始まる (my) best of my life… 292 more words


Stiåpning på Kråkerøy

Denne rare vinteren.

Snøen kom plutselig og kontinuerlig rett over hjul, ble her et par mnd og nå smelter den sakte bort. I distriktet vårt kom det mye i løpet av januar og bare stier, ihvertfall nok til å sykle tur på, kan vi se langt etter foreløpig. 469 more words


Morph Snapshot: Redstripe Project

The Redstripe project is relatively new on the scene and only a handful of combinations have been tried to this point.

It is a co-dominate pattern and color mutation, combining an overall reduction in pattern (with a tendency toward striping) and a deep rusty orange color. 105 more words


28 For 28: 28 Days of Blaxploitation Legends - Day 23, Julius Harris

I don’t know whether to say Julius Harris had the face of a movie gangster, or whether movie gangsters over the years have aspired to have a face like his. 748 more words

28 Days Of Blaxploitation Legends