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Guardians of the Galaxy Review

A human, an assassin, a man out for vengeance, a genetically engineered raccoon and a living tree team up in Disney/Marvels most ambitious film yet, but could it also be their best?


Ambrose at Mesa Grill

Mexican food was of great comfort to Ambrose after foiled schemes. Well, Mexican food at Mesa Grill was in any case; in fact, it was so much of a comfort that when Ambrose occasionally forgot to change out of his costume, the waiters didn’t so much as flinch. 3,074 more words


Part 19

“They’re called the War Powers-roughly. Not originally from Barritis, but were created by one of this systems Wise Masters. Soldiers to their own empire. Basically they are the Manhunters from Mars. 1,275 more words


Job Posting: Psychic Powers Preferred

There were two kinds of people who hung out in the school library. There were the ones trying to escape their classes and get a bit of rest, and there were the ones there to read and study. 3,078 more words


Cardboard Superhero Sundial

To honor the splendor of summer and the awesomeness of female superheroes like Wonder Woman, I would like to present a simple summertime craft idea that is fun to make and quite practical for telling time. 412 more words


Part 13

Under Manhattan a trio of two person teams scoured the vast network of tunnels looking for any clue or lead that could direct them to Fliopt. 2,972 more words


Spiderman Half Face

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can! This half mask is quick and keeps paint away from mouths munching yummy carnival food.