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My Cape is Getting Worn

I know I haven’t had this superhero gig long but I think I need a good tailor. Or maybe a designer like Edna from The Incredibles (if you’ve made it to this blog, I’m assuming you’ve seen some super hero cartoons one way or another). 382 more words

Tears of an (Evil) Clown

Rom and I heard a song called “Tears of a Clown” which opined that said tears were the saddest thing in the world. Rom said, “Actually, I think the tears of someone whose child had died would be sadder than the tears of a clown.” I said, “Now, the tears of a… 714 more words

Mildly Amusing Adventures

TIME LOST: Chapter Two - "We're only dancing for our lives."

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(Note: TIME LOST is the third volume in a story called “313″.  The first volume, MISSING TIME, and second volume TIME SPENT, are available for purchase through any eReader, digitally through… 8,955 more words


Everything is Awesome

Sometimes, I don’t understand myself.

When I first found out about The Lego Movie, I thought, “Well, Hollywood has officially run out of ideas. A movie where everything is made out of Legos? 960 more words

Why Women Superheroes Kick Ass

There’s been quite a dust up over the inter webs this past week in the wake of Marvel Comics announcing that Thor is about to become a woman. 1,298 more words

Birds Of Prey

Let's Celebrate Batman Day!

Greetings, Dark Knight fans! If you haven’t noticed already, you most certainly will very soon. DC Comics has officially declared July 23rd “Batman Day.” From the press release: 294 more words