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A while back, we saw a new fashion doll hit the shelves to compete with Barbie – only this one was realistically proportioned. Now we’ve got a set of superheroine action figures set to hit shelves – and these aren’t your typical Marvel Comics style heroines.

Review: Ms. Marvel #6

Y’all, this is my FAVORITE ISSUE. My favorite! Ms. Marvel #6 begins the second story arc, but it flows pretty smoothly from the last one. 379 more words

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A rose by any other name...

Last evening, I started drafting a post for today. It was a good start, it had positive statements, plans for projects, I talked about my friends. 1,608 more words

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San Diego Comic Con Schedule Highlights: Sunday

San Diego Comic Con’s Sunday panels are a lot more sparse than the rest of the weekend.


“I Need a Hero”

Marvel got themselves in hot water about a couple of clearly gendered tee shirts featuring licensed characters. One shirt was clearly aimed at men and featured Iron Man, along with the phrase “Be a Hero” emblazoned on it. 751 more words

Review: Ms. Marvel #5

Spoilers ahead.

In this issue we get further toward real superheroics. Usually DC breaks things into 6-issue trade paperbacks, so every six issues there’s a big reveal, an injury, or what-have-you… Does Marvel do that? 220 more words

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