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What it means to be a superhero

When you think about the word “superhero”, what comes to mind, maybe action hero’s such as; Wonder woman, Superman, or Avengers?  How about YOU! (Place your name here). 140 more words

The Concept of Superman

As children we grow up watching superhero films and cartoons and everyone seems to have a favorite hero. Growing up I found I loved SUPERMAN! How can you not love superman he is SUPER. 727 more words


Zack Snyder Explains How Batman Ended Up in the 'Man of Steel' Sequel

While it’s still too early for many details about the plot of “Batman vs. Superman” — the super-secret “Man of Steel” follow-up slated for release in 2016 — to be revealed, director Zack Snyder is opening up about his inspiration for the film, including how he decided to insert Batman into the Superman reboot’s universe. 420 more words

Movie News

I Still Believe in Heroes

Walk into my room and you would never guess it’s the bedroom of a seventeen-year-old girl. The Complete Fantastic Four, The Spider Man Anthology and X-Men: Volumes 1-10 replace novels in shelves and everything from Captain Marvel to Spiderman is seen on my walls as posters. 358 more words

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Supergirl #30 by Hamid Hojabr

To begin this review I am going on the record to say I have never once read a single issue of Supergirl! When I got asked to do this I wasn’t looking forward to doing so; however, that was my reaction to being handed this comic. 437 more words

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