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Cult Comic Essentials: Time Masters - Vanishing Point

With Batman lost in time, DC’s top heroes must search throughout history to find him – and keep time from tearing itself apart!

Rip Hunter puts together a high-powered band of Time Masters to travel through history in search of the World’s Greatest Detective, but can even the combined power of Superman, Green Lantern and Booster Gold help the Time Masters pinpoint where Batman went at the end of Final Crisis?

Collecting the 6-issue miniseries!


How To Become A Real Life Superhero: Part II

Step 2) The Costume

Think of Spiderman and you think red and blue. Think of Hulk and you think green and purple. Think of Superman and you think “why can’t they make one good film about him?!” … 538 more words


The Line of DC Super-Stars

Here’s a nice “line up” of DC Comics’ major characters in the 70s

DC Comics

Ideal 52 #6: Batman & Robin


The continuing education of a sidekick working with the Dark Knight

Key Characters:

Batman, Robin, Alfred Pennyworth, Titus


Coming into super powers makes the training of Damian Wayne all the more important. 149 more words


Blogpost // The Clark Kent Job

The Clark Kent Job

“Don’t Quit Your Day Job.”

Good advice? Fellow writers, artists, creatives — lend me your supernatural sense of hearing. I’d like to start a conversation with you. 241 more words



As we left the zoo, Superman was thrilled at what we found in the parking lot: Bumblebee!

Superman insisted we snap a quick picture next to the car. 22 more words

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