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The Superhero Era: Just Movie-Making or Something Deeper?

So here we are, about to jump into the pervading psyche of Superhero movie fans, ready to dive into history and thought processes and imagine we know whence they come, here in America at least! 420 more words

Economy of Storytelling

A lesson from Grant Morrison about economy of storytelling. This is the first page of All Star Superman, a fantastic Superman comic and a classic of the genre. 162 more words


Cancellation Examination: Batman - The Dark Knight


Batman is a victim of his own success: like Superman and Spider-Man, success with the base title led to further expansion of the line without a clear delineation of… 717 more words


2014-10-23, Personal Training Session 22

Today’s circuit was rather interesting.

My trainer called this the “rapid fire abs” workout, but it didn’t quite look like the one’s you find from your average web search. 150 more words

Personal Training

The Bad Hero

I finally watched Riddick (rated R, for violence, language, and nudity, as it turns out). Had to take it in 20 minute chunks over a few days because Hawkgirl isn’t going to watch that rating level with me. 1,330 more words

Late Friday Post

Today felt like a long hard Friday but I made it through. I didn’t eat nearly enough today, so I got Del Taco on the way home from the gym. 282 more words

Daily Entry

Is there any way to make comic book fans happy?

It seems that no matter what we are given as fans, there is always a group of people that will find something to complain about. There is always one tiny thing that will gnaw at some people. 714 more words