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Här ligger vi och chillar efter en mysig familjemiddag. En liten kyckling wok åt de vuxna och palsternackspuré med potatis och lite ärtpuré åt det lilla monstret. 90 more words


Learning to play fair.

I remember when I was a kid sharing a video game console with my two younger brothers and totally ripping them off when it came to equal playing time. 343 more words


à Paris

nomadic journal : paris, france  #ofkindredspirit #thefrenchbeat 18 more words

2014 Summer Camp Shenanigans

August was a crazy month for me… right after the Maine trip, things started rolling almost too fast for me. It was just work everyday and then BAM! 336 more words

MARIO KART 8. The Reason I touch my WiiU.

If you go to any of the big gaming sites you will probably run into something about how the Wii U is a failure and is not doing well. 550 more words