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How to get Id value in jquery ajax response?

In a Django app, I’d like to get ID value (cid) passed into this template:

the views.py

def like_piccomment(request, cid):
    if request.method == 'POST':
        the_comment = PicComment.objects.get(id= cid) 
        the_photo = the_comment.pic
        who_liked = request.user.id

        if PicCommentLike.objects.filter(liker=who_liked, liked=cid):
            the_comment.likes -=1
            PicCommentLike.objects.filter(liker=who_liked, liked=cid).delete()
            #return render_to_response('userpics/likes.html', args)

            the_comment.likes +=1
            newliker = PicCommentLike(liker=who_liked, liked=cid)

    args = {}
    args['likes'] = the_comment.likes
    args['cid'] = cid
    return render_to_response('userpics/likes.html', args)  
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