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Chapter Seventeen

Chapter 17

When he wakened out of an uneasy slumber, the remembrance of what had happened weighed heavily upon his soul. He felt just as he had felt long ago, when he had left his home so that he might not meet his mother. 3,206 more words

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Marley Parker - A Compelling Mystery for Young Adults

“There’s simply no way of putting this delicately, Marley. I believe that you are in eminent danger.”


“Yes. Someone wishes you harm. Listen, I’ve been having these sort of visions, if you will.

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Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

Boomboomboom… bingbang a… boom!…

By the end of my first three days in the army I was dead sick of Hungarian wine, tobacco smoke and the noise. 988 more words


Interview with Michelle L Johnson

Last time we spoke you’d just released Divinity, can you can give us an update as to what has happened to you since?

Since we last spoke, I’ve had the launch party for Divinity. 416 more words

Interviews With Other Authors

One Wonders Why It Had To Be Presented In The Horror Style (Koji Suzuki, 'Dark Water')

When discussing how ones reads Japanese literature in a 2003 interview, Koji Suzuki brings up the Japanese tradition of Shishōsetsu, or the I-novel ; the literary adoption of actual private experience, usually but not exclusively of the author, as a basis for fiction. 1,321 more words

Supernatural Fiction

The October Country

With Halloween almost upon us, I thought that a post on the late Ray Bradbury – that October Dreamer extraordinaire – was timely. After all, the season of thrills and chills never had a greater fan, or finer exponent of the Halloween-themed short story, than the great man. 681 more words


Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 16

In order to escape from the tingling silence and darkness, Peter made haste to stir the fire, and lit the oil lamp from the spurting blue flame of the sulphur thread. 2,187 more words

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