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I’m tired. I can’t remember the last time I had a good nights sleep.

Up at 4, trudging cold through shadow and cars, bust my hump, on my feet through the long, hot days and nights. 2,113 more words

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Paranormal Galore - Boxed Set for Pandora


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Interview with Shane McKenzie

Tell us about your publishing journey…

There was one hell of a journey before the journey, but we’ll just start at the point when I realized I wanted to write. 1,740 more words

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Strange Love Ch 5

Chapter 5

Monday came and I was up bright and early. I dressed up in beige slacks, a red button down flowy blouse with a red camisole under since it was see through an red pumps. 11,189 more words

Door less Room Part 2- Nazis and Exposition

Of course I had. Operation Paperclip: good old Uncle Sam’s solution to all the good Communist hating talented ‘wasted’ in the Nuremburg Trails. Nazi scientists silently taken away from court hearings to help with whatever it is Nazi Scientists and CIA Spooks do with multimillion dollar grants and the fifth freedom. 297 more words

The Siren

The patient I was going to see had only recently come into my care; this was a patient like no other.

The nurses who cared for this patient reported that she had a tendency to bite people, drawing blood and then would proceed to lick the wounds. 4,379 more words

Supernatural Fiction

Strange Love Ch 3

Chapter 3

I look at myself in the mirror and I’m almost a stranger to myself. From the loose curls, to the opened back turquoise dress, and diamond jewelry. 12,559 more words