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A career in anonymous internet commentary? Not for the faint of heart. In fact, it's best not to even have one.

Jonathan Kieran’s new novel is slated for release in Autumn 2014. Look for news about the book here and at Amazon.com in the coming weeks and months. 271 more words

Jonathan Kieran

Bodie, 1855 - Preface

Bit of a different direction for my next post. Anyone who knows me knows I loves me a good western. As a child in the 70s in America, it was hard not to be influenced by this genre. 549 more words

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A Thought About Accuracy

Last night was Date Night. We took in Marvel’s latest contribution to the world of popcorn munching entertainment: Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Someone died (won’t tell you who) and they tried to revive that person in a hospital. 516 more words

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End of Days

CDC Research File 1145693AA2389B//4548AAB#bv

Bacillus Vampiris
CDC Category F Unknown Agent
Causative Agent: Unknown
A gram-positve, encapsulated, spore-forming, non-motile rod
Primarily infects humans, while herbivores, reptiles, insects, fish and birds are an incidental host. 1,834 more words

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Carving Time

My morning begins by carving a chunk of time out of an otherwise full day for my writing, and by cutting out words from yesterday’s chapter. 25 more words

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I'm Buzzing!

It’s been a day of story explosion in my head. It really makes me feel like I’m on the right path.

I started The Queen’s Viper in my head over breakfast at a Heathrow hotel in December 2013. 218 more words

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The Born Again Writer's Breakfast

Card stock for storyboarding, Royal Mews from Buckingham Palace pencil for inspiration and tea…. always tea!

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