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Rebirth: Chapter 12

The room was quite dark and chilly.
Laeleth lifted her head from the pillow and realized she had cried herself to exhaustion.
Her head ached and her face was stained with tears. 3,097 more words


Rebirth: Chapter 11

“Just … go!”
These words rang loudly in Gabriel’s ears. That tone was so unlike her.
What could Laeleth possibly be feeling? It was an unexpected and unsettling change in her he did not recognize. 3,325 more words


Rebirth: Chapter 10

Now that the Andarian Guard had departed Valkyr ventured out openly into the yard. His uninjured wing extended as it caught the subtle breeze. The sun warmed his deep brown feathers and ruffled them gently. 3,145 more words


Rebirth: Chapter 9

As they rode, Laevon’s mind was heavy with doubt.
What had transpired between Gabriel and Captain Brenner?

Normally the guardsmen and Laevon had all gotten along rather well, but now his superior had seemed quite testy with him. 3,838 more words


Auditions for Munchen: Monday, December 15!

Seeking large, talented ensemble of performers for the 11-episode podcast Munchen, Minnesota

Get in on the ground floor of what the New York Times is calling the “audio renaissance” 449 more words

Welcome To Munchen

Chapter Twenty Six-B

Her look expressed horror. Then aloud:

“Baron, do not tease Apollonius, or else he tells me the nastiest things that take away all my sleep.” 1,087 more words


Another Vera Van Slyke Ghostly Mystery FOR FREE!

Over at my Vera Van Slyke site, I posted another free ghostly mystery featuring my favorite ghost hunter. You can find a link to .pdf, .epub, and .mobi (Kindle) copies of it… 127 more words

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