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You couldn’t believe what you were doing.

Driving across country to meet two men you didn’t know because they once upon a time knew your father- whom you had never met. 414 more words


God's Humor

Ok so I’m here to pour out my heart. So God is so humorous. I asked him for a position in my career field but instead he sends me an amazing cool cat (Reggie). 220 more words


Tinkering (Prologue)

A woman staggers across the city street. The city is  quiet. The sound of mechanical clicks from the stoplights echo the slumbering buildings. A concerned man emerges from the subway to her aid. 279 more words


The Fox Sister

The Fox Sister, written and drawn by Christina Strain and Jayd Aït-Kaci, is a supernatural fantasy that takes place in South Korea approximately twenty years after the Korean War. 255 more words


Hot-Road Water Ghosts

Sometimes, for fun, I share some of my ghost experiences with people.

Here are some I have shared on this blog:

Philosophy & Religion

32 Supernatural Stories Guaranteed To Creep You Out

People have been having supernatural run-ins for years. There’s so much lore out there. What’s real? What’s fiction? How do you decide what you believe? And between urban legends, myths, ghost stories, and supernatural creatures, there’s so much out there. 7,569 more words

Spectors And Spooks

They say this place is haunted.

I watched the news story,
saw the blue-walled backdrop of my apartment
and the last tenant insistent
about otherworldly persistence. 837 more words