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Fury of the Demon (Kara Gillian #6) by Diana Rowland

That’s what she’d like to know. Demon summoner and now a consultant for the FBI, Kara Gillian has spent the past several months in the demon realm training while recovering from the treachery of the demonic lord Rhyzkahl. 584 more words

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Don't Walk Under Ladders!

I’ve heard many explanations for this one in my days: “Ghosts live at the bottom of ladders” and “People used to get hanged from ladders” being two notable examples. 166 more words

Bad Luck

Auntie Doris's "Thats Swearing" #10 Lord God Almighty

My father was adamant about it. “Thou shalt not take the name of The Lord thy God in vain!” There were plenty of other ways to sin of course, and my father knew them all. 473 more words


The Room 1 + 2 : knock, knock - who's there?

How exciting can one room be? The room I am in, for example, is full of empty cups scarred with beige tea stains, a bulging ashtray and a withered looking guitar, making it about as exciting as a sauna full of politicians – depending on your perspective. 423 more words


Fragile Angel/Novel/Continued . . . .

     I brushed aside all thoughts of negativity and darkness as the plane bolted forward and glided down the runway.I closed my eyes, held my breath, and allowed the rush of the rapid ascent to  sweep me away with its sheer intensity. 791 more words

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God calls us to live the supernatural life

Sin is natural for us in this fallen world but God calls us to live supernatural lives. Let Christ, the God-Man, live His supernatural life through us.


Fragile Angel- Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking,” boomed the pilot’s voice. “Welcome aboard Delta Flight five-zero-seven, nonstop to London. Please secure all luggage in the overhead compartment or underneath your seat as we prepare for takeoff.” 510 more words

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