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"You Hold the Key" by Kenneth Copeland

From Amarylis :I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord!

Amarylis : Using your Faith as small as a mustard seed( the smallest seed) you can bind the spirits that is against you. 429 more words

Wondercon and my 401(k)

While the literary world is mourning the passing of one superhero right now (rest in peace,Gabriel Garcia Marquez!) and Christians everywhere are celebrating another this weekend, I’ve been thinking about comic book heroes after taking my boys to… 607 more words


What can you expect from the season finales of your favorite CW shows?

It’s almost that time of year again. The time where season finales rip and tear us to emotional pieces and we’re left speculating and trying to recover for the next three months before the fall season begins again. 355 more words


Jesus Forgives And Restores! by Joseph Prince

From Amarylis : I Declare Jesus Christ Is Lord!

Amarylis : the spiritual realm is very powerful. It affect the physical realm. Why? Because the things you see with your two naked eyes comes from the spirits that resides in the spiritual realm. 334 more words

Happy Easter: Jewish Passover & The Last Blood Moons

Jewish celebrations are times of fun and enjoyment for Gods historical people. But is there more to the modern celebrations? Is there meaning in the dates and times of this Jewish ceremony? 716 more words