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When your body wakes up at 5:35 AM for no inherent reason, what do you do?

This time I write a blog, but usually I kind of just lie there and stare at the ceiling and ask Jesus what’s up. 104 more words


Fooled by Randomness?

Here is an interesting and ambitious article by the BBC. It tries to explain away all supernatural experiences and conspiracy theories on one theory. I’m sure the explanations given are true for many a perceived experience. 104 more words


Sharp Rain

Rain shouldn’t be sharp. This rain has escalated from needlepoint pricks to stabbing kitchen knives. It’s not natural. I’ve got my dad’s old rainjacket hanging half open on its broken zipper; my shoes are flooded boats sinking with every step. 561 more words


BAB 1 - Pergi ke Asou Sharon (Bagian 2)

Eliana keluar dari taksi dan membayar biaya taksinya. Eliana kemudian menggiring kopernya memasuki sebuah gedung yang sangat luas, megah, dan menjulang tinggi. Eliana menempelkan layar Iphone-nya ke alat pendeteksi gedung itu agar datanya masuk ke sekolah itu. 1,226 more words


BAB 1 - Pergi ke Ashou Sharon (Bagian 1)

‘TENG NENG NONG’ bunyi bel pemberitahuan airport.

“Diberitahukan kepada semua penumpang tujuan kota Titanium diharapkan segera pergi ke pimtu 3A untuk masuk ke dalam pesawat Asoka Air. 1,760 more words



Happy Halloween!

It’s the month of screams and scares again, so I’m going to put my two cents in this scary fest.

Filipinos are big believers of the supernatural. 518 more words

Campbell, J. R. and Charles Prepolec, Editors. Gaslight Arcanum: Uncanny Tales of Sherlock Holmes. Calgary: Edge SF&F Publishing, 2011.

When I was a kid, I loved to read ghost stories. I checked the same books out of the library, time and time again. Many times, they were older and worn, or had cartoonish covers, but there were a few with covers so scary that at night, I hid them at the bottom of my book pile, safely contained by the weight of a dozen other, more innocuous books.* 2,217 more words

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