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Impossible Destruction (Distraction)


No one FOUND the Higgs boson! They found a hole where they wanted it to be. That only proves they found a hole, not what anti-particle could be there or what particle was there they couldn’t detect. 178 more words


New hair on black rings

Relating different charge densities gives black rings with non-trivial profiles with smooth horizons.

There is a rich space of solutions in five-dimensional supergravity, including smooth horizonless supertube solutions and black ring solutions. 326 more words

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From Quanta: "At Multiverse Impasse, a New Theory of Scale"

Quanta Magazine

August 18, 2014
Natalie Wolchover

Mass and length may not be fundamental properties of nature, according to new ideas bubbling out of the multiverse. 2,346 more words

Basic Research

Movie review: Particle Fever

Particle Fever is an engaging documentary into the geeky lives of theoretical and experimental physicists. The movie covers five years from before the first attempt to emit a beam of light in the Large Hadron Collider until the presentation of data from repeated successful collisions, data that suggested the existence of the Higgs boson, dubbed “the God particle” in mainstream media. 708 more words


Could new investigations lead to a fifth law of nature?

Within the existing laws and models within physics there are four forces which have been proven to occur. Gravity is probably the most obvious, as on Earth if we drop an object it will always fall to the floor. 932 more words

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