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From Huff Post: "The Future of Physics"

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Dr. Sten Odenwald, Astronomer, National Institute of Aerospace

In another few months the Large Hadron Collider. will be powered up to explore its maximum energy range. 1,301 more words

Basic Research

LHC Revs-Up for Most Powerful Particle Collisions Ever


After a 2 year pause in collisions in the LHC for maintenance and upgrades, the accelerator is on track to be powered up again in March 2015 to begin a new era of ultra-high energy particle collisions by the following May. 115 more words

Calabi-Yau Manifolds and Moduli Stabilization

For better or worse, string theory dominates modern research in theoretical physics. Naively, you might expect a theory consisting of tiny strings to be pretty simple. 781 more words


Review Articles - Particle Physics, String Theory, Supersymmetry and Supergravity

A list of useful reviews on various aspects of string theory, branes, etc. is at http://theory.tifr.res.in/~iqubal/stringrev.html. There are links to TASI lectures as well as review articles by prominent string theorists. 46 more words

String Theory