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Wish-List: The Bengal (v1.1)

The Bengal! Marvel character. I’m only familiar with his appearances in The New Warriors (1990’s; used to have them in the collection, since given to charity); never read his initial appearances in Daredevil (late 1980’s), never read any or the more-modern Thunderbolts stories. 188 more words



He look mad.

That’s ’cause he mad.


No more fat phones!

Months ago, I bought an extended battery for my Samsung Galaxy S3. (I have an iPad Air and an Android phone, I like a foot in both worlds.) The battery made my phone fatter. 233 more words

Ambrose at Mesa Grill

Mexican food was of great comfort to Ambrose after foiled schemes. Well, Mexican food at Mesa Grill was in any case; in fact, it was so much of a comfort that when Ambrose occasionally forgot to change out of his costume, the waiters didn’t so much as flinch. 3,074 more words


Read to make your mind soar, not sore!

Scripting Change is doing another anthology of short stories and poetry. Holly’s first story is in last year’s Scripting Change: Seeing Past Sickness, which was about students dealing with long term illness. 259 more words

The Flash - Baddie News

Wentworth Miller – star of a little TV series by the name of Prisonbreak – is set to play the role of Leonard Snart (or Captain Cold if you prefer) in upcoming TV series The Flash (2014).


Like a Boss!

Sounding like a super villain from street fighter; this guy certainly knows how to paint a picture.

You can imagine then my disappointment then, when the man who steps out the car… 32 more words