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The Supervillain's Guide to Controlling Natural Disasters

When I’m not working on content…

Nature’s fury is a sight to behold: earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides can wipe out thousands of people in a single blow.

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#913 - Murder Lasers

It’s one of those jobs that sounds too good to be true: great benefits, easy commute, three full weeks of vacation right off the bat. But then you’ve got some covert military team bustin’ in during orientation, and that super spy that blew up cafeteria on tater tots day…it just isn’t worth the headaches, I tell ya.

Sketch A Day

10-15-2014 | Dream | A Secure Area Near A Border Checkpoint In A Country In The Middle East?

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream which was inspired by the movie Kick-Ass 2… 705 more words


Batman and other things.

So to date I’ve read only a handful of Batman graphic novels – and please spare me another lecture on how graphic novels are comics because they’re NOT, they’re two very different things…so before I continue let us look to Debra Kelly who… 387 more words


Guest Review: Gotham (Pilot)

“I promise you, however dark and scary the world might be right now… there will be light. There will be light, Bruce.”

by Meric Moir… 2,198 more words


Decagon 201 - First Draft

Being the all-powerful queen of the city was beginning to become a bit boring, but she was putting up with it for two important reasons. One, the second stage of her five-stage plan would begin shortly, and she would be quite busy for the next week. 1,466 more words

Decagon 108 - First Draft

By the end of the day, they had realized just how much Richard had been underestimating the number of Roses in the school. His original expectation of two had quickly turned into eight, and now those eight people were gathered in an out-of-the-way lounge in the dorm building. 1,141 more words