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The Art of Delegation

During decades of “management”, I couldn’t begin to count the number of times I’ve heard that phrase “it’s easier to do it myself.”

Although sometimes that may be true, in the… 117 more words


Your children's safety over the summer holidays..

Now that the summer holidays are here and your children will be at the park, beach or even around the house, As parents we are of course cautious for our children’s safety due to the possible dangers that they can get themselves into during the holidays! 562 more words


My Dad, the Horse, And I: How to Create a Culture of Safety

by Janet Brooks
Child Advocacy Manager

One day in my early youth, I wanted to ride our family horse. Bay Scoot was a huge bay gilding with a mind of his own. 701 more words

Children's Health

The Importance of The Activity Letter

You have a brokerage account. One day you open up your mail (you are responsible for opening the mail) and find a letter from your brokerage firm. 586 more words

Empathy in the Workplace: Fact or Crap

by Jennifer R. Keup

OK, confession time: I have become highly suspicious of the use of the term “empathy” in the workplace, especially with respect to leadership. 1,251 more words


Actions Have Consequences

Actions Have Consequences

All actions have some consequences. Some consequences are positive and some are negative. If you go to work every day and do your job and cooperate with the people around you and meet or exceed your expectations, you’ll be well thought of by your peers. 504 more words


The Art of Supervision

The Art of Supervision

Supervision is an art as well as a science. Teams require an individual to set goals and measure progress, they also provide guidance and direction. 259 more words