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Pumpkin, Bacon and Curly Kale Risotto

Aah, risotto.  Definitely up there in my favourite meals, along with sushi, smoked salmon & cream cheese sandwiches, Cantonese steamed dumplings, tonkotsu ramen, avocado on toast, and spaghetti carbonara (I am friends with starch). 150 more words


The Drop Zone

Mrs P came teetering into the lounge last night to announce supper was oh so nearly ready

In reality she is wearing her dog walking jeans (no that’s not a marketing brand) a warm cuddly fleece, and her all terrain clod hopper slippers, oh and if that doesn’t complete the picture she has hat hair as we had not long since arrived home from a brisk evening walk in freezing temperatures, on making her announcement regarding supper, she pirouettes to leave the room, when shock horror she stumbles on a half chewed bone …..the tea towel she was daintily clutching to her bosom flutters from her grasp and begins its downward spiral to the ground. 155 more words




10 or so frozen chicken strips (Harvest brand has no anti-biotics, all vegetarian diet, all that good stuff. It’s available for a good price at Target) 211 more words


Tomatozzarella and Baguette

Bonjour! Bring on that baguette!

This is a super easy meal/starter with no cooking at all involved, all you need is an oven. 124 more words

Eat Me

Let's do some cooking with Chicken!

PURCHASING FRESH BONE-IN SKIN ON CHICKEN BREASTS ARE MORE ECONOMICAL THAN SKINLESS/BONELESS. You may ask why? Per pound costs is considerably less. If for example you purchase two whole chicken breasts (Skin on/bone in) you can cut that in half. 309 more words

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Gluten-Free Pork Schnitzel (gluten-free, nut-free)

I had purchased pork loin cutlets the last time I was at one of my favorite stores, for three reasons, they were cheap, they looked delicious & I immediately had several ideas on what to do with them. 474 more words

Gluten Free