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Let's do some cooking with Chicken!

PURCHASING FRESH BONE-IN SKIN ON CHICKEN BREASTS ARE MORE ECONOMICAL THAN SKINLESS/BONELESS. You may ask why? Per pound costs is considerably less. If for example you purchase two whole chicken breasts (Skin on/bone in) you can cut that in half. 308 more words

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Gluten Free Pizza Crust

This Youtubber made my day with the best ever pizza crust!!

The potato starch gives it elasticity! I topped mine with blue cheese, roasted onions and tomatoes. Drizzle with oil and devour.


Super Simple Mac & Cheese

    If your kids are anything like mine, they despise practically anything that does not come from a box or a grocery store freezer.  Until you food them into thinking it is from a box or a grocery store freezer, because then it is the best thing they have ever had!  166 more words


Delectable cinnamon orange hot chocolate with gooey energy balls....

Delectable orange and cinnamon hot chocolate accompanied by the cutest fig, almond and apricot energy balls.

For the hot choc:
Heat a cup and a half soy milk… 70 more words



Guys, lately I’ve been feeling like an “all you can eat Chinese restaurant” where you can choose from 100 chicken dishes. You see, I’ve been consuming quite a lot of chicken in different styles. 345 more words


A (Bar) Seat Above The Rest

Everyone loves a good chair.

Time was, you sat yourself down in your basic dining chair, at your basic table height, and ate your dinner with no complaints and nary a dream of dangling feet. 375 more words