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Eastern Fabrics

100 % cotton, beautiful patterns are now sold in the royal kaftan shop.


By a Thread

Think of something you take for granted every single day.
Electricity, Water, plumbing in general…food (Stores), transportation, a roof over your head.
Now take at least one of those away for an undetermined time. 401 more words

Buying Guide: 3 Things You MUST Know About Can Liners

By Nicole Tinkham

If you’ve ever purchased a waste can liner that didn’t quite fit, this guide is for YOU. Purchasing the wrong size liner is actually quite common. 454 more words


I know I am designer but I think that we would all agree that a fun part of cooking is the accessories that accompanies it. Adding colour to your kitchen is now easier than you think. 385 more words


Use Sugar Glider Supplies to Make Pet Feeding Time Safe and Exciting

Every sugar glider owner knows how fun it is to watch their furry friends look for food and treats hidden around their cages. Hiding food items and nutritious treats greatly benefits the adorable animals as this develops their scavenging skills and familiarizes them with a variety of healthy edible items. 105 more words