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Peace, Security and the Global Extractive Sector

New ethical supply chains that connect small scale miners in conflict affected countries to smart phone consumers and cut out the warlord show that the international system is learning to do a better job of managing the extractive sector, but it has been a long process. 359 more words

5 Tips for Managing Sustainability Risks

Sustainability is the concept of managing an organization considering environmental, social, and a broad range of economic factors – and the external reporting on progress on all three “bottom lines.”  CEOs may not recognize the risks that sustainability can pose to their organizations.  980 more words


What's Visibility Mean To You

Visibility is a hot supply chain topic. Our writers have cranked out articles on the subject, Buzz posts links to visibility articles every week, and I bet you’ve heard from sales guys and marketers pushing their solutions. 247 more words

Supply Chain

Foot Locker same day delivery - embracing Matrix Commerce

Earlier this week Foot Locker announced it was going to start testing same day delivery for consumer purchases. Click here for the press release. This is an excellent case study of what we at Constellation Research are discussing with Matrix Commerce. 651 more words

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Strength in Industrial Assets is better strategic differentiation than any other asset type.

I’ll be at the NGKF Industrial conference this week in Chicago.  I miss the time I used to spend in the industrial sector (it used to be everything I did).   178 more words


The different business models in Indian Agribusiness - I

In this series, we are going to look at the various business models used in the Indian agribusiness ecosystem. An important point to note is that Agribusiness is a constantly changing and does not conforms to any specific models. 557 more words

it must look perfect!

There is a distinct difference between what you hear from chefs and what you hear from supermarkets. We know this because often chefs will use produce which has been rejected for supermarkets. 634 more words