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Confused About Cancer? This Article Is For You

Going to school a long time can prepare us later by learning constantly. We learn about Shakespeare and how to do implicit differentiation so that we can survive in the real world and think critically about our situation. 14 more words

Legalism Works—Most Christians Believe It!

In the book, “Systems-Sensitive Leadership,” the authors’ discuss the intentionality of the U.S. school system to teach students to be law-abiding citizens by the end of high school. 1,737 more words

Happy Holidays! (No fourth Thursday meeing November or December)

Due to the conflict with holiday schedules the fourth Thursday (November 27th and December 25th) meetings at UWMC will NOT be held.

However we WILL still be meeting on the second Thursday (November 13th and December 11th) at Harborview Research and Training Building. 7 more words


We push people away because we are afraid of letting them in and being hurt when they leave.

We grasp on to people that are not good for us because we are afraid of being alone and someone is better than no one. 71 more words

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Trust...if not there you walk through life like if you were constantly walking on thin ice...afraid of the ice breaking under the weight of your doubts, suspicion, and fear of losing what you have...because having someone/something is better than having no one or nothing...even if they/it are not good for us. Trusting yourself is knowing yourself and when you know yourself you are able to let go of someone or something without fear, without feeling lost...

Am I Turning Soft?

Last night was the first meeting of the “loss of a spouse” support group.  I had no idea what to expect since my only experiences were the scenes from… 479 more words


I Ain't Got Nine Lives...

I am a perpetual day dreamer.
I have a mind that can create some of the most incredible, fantastical realms and stories, keeping me in that deliciously warm pseudo-sleep zone for hours on a Saturday morning. 520 more words


High School Homeschooling Tip of the Day (Oct 20th)

Join a homeschool support group! It’s helpful to have a network of support as you forge the way through high school. These other homeschooling parents will help you to remember things easily forgotten as well as join with you as your challenge your student in areas of service and career planning. 174 more words

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