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I Ain't Got Nine Lives...

I am a perpetual day dreamer.
I have a mind that can create some of the most incredible, fantastical realms and stories, keeping me in that deliciously warm pseudo-sleep zone for hours on a Saturday morning. 520 more words


High School Homeschooling Tip of the Day (Oct 20th)

Join a homeschool support group! It’s helpful to have a network of support as you forge the way through high school. These other homeschooling parents will help you to remember things easily forgotten as well as join with you as your challenge your student in areas of service and career planning. 174 more words

Home Schooling

Turning Our Brokenness into a Support Channel for Others!

We have all been broken or bent. Cracked like clay, crumbled like a free doughnut and crushed by spoken words sometimes taken too personal. We have been bruised when something outlandish, far-out, unusual or peculiar happens to us. 466 more words

A Little More Kindness

Is Your Religion Keeping You Stuck?

Up to now, this is the most controversial post I have written. Religion can have various definitions, but the verbiage to define it is meaningless. What really matters is how religion often operates. 1,003 more words

Meeting Another!

When diagnosed with a serious illness, be it life threatening or just life changing, most people feel alone at first.  It can be hard to believe or understand that others are out there who ‘get it’.   338 more words


The Morning

I had myriad of situations this morning involving health; both mental and physical. As I have dealt with both (AM dealing) I shared my experience with said individuals. 431 more words

Mental Illness