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Sh***y, B***chy Mood has Ended

Sooooo…. last week I wrote about how I felt rejected etc.  This is a huge trigger.  Probably the largest trigger in my life for getting into a bad mindset, pity party, self-loathing, etc. 266 more words


Sh***y, B***hy Mood

I’m in a sh***y, b***hy mood.  I will catch up my posts in a day or two, when I cheer up.


On Flappy Things and Being a "Fattie"

So last night I was getting ready for bed, changing into pjs and my darling, loving 7-year old and I had the following conversation:

7YO:  Mom, what are those flappy things on your thigh? 321 more words


Quest 7 - Creating My Food Log - Part 1 Complete!

This is now pat on the back, love myself, WOOOOOOHOOOOO time!!!

I have fully logged all my food for a complete 7 days.  Not only that, it was almost completely paleo, with the exception of my Monday night binge. 51 more words


Creating a Support Team

The next step in the nerdfitness academy is to create an accountability and support team.  I understand the need to create an accountability team to check in on me, and one of the suggestions offered, was to create a blog for other people to read/comment. 63 more words


Today is proof!

So today was my Spartan sprint race in Calgary AB Canada! (5+km and 15+ obstacles) It was one of those days where I second guess myself and didn’t feel 100% on my game!! 442 more words

It Takes A Village

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my strong support team. Everyday I am surrounded by people who lift me up and guide me. 527 more words

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