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Addiction is scary.

I have this upstairs neighbor we’ll call N.

N is the mother of one of my kind-of friends that I went to high school with. We’re all really friendly with each other. 374 more words

Support System

Support systems come in all different shapes and sizes. They might be your friends, family, therapist, coworkers, or even your pets. It doesn’t matter, whatever gets you through the fight. 503 more words

A letter from a friend.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to sort the thoughts in my head and decide what i want to share and when. I am overwhelmed by frustration, anger, worry… The following is a letter a friend wrote for us about Harrison and our struggle to provide the services he needs. 858 more words

Loving Words

It’s funny, the things that you recall

After many years have passed;

When events have blurred

And faces have faded,

There are a handful of things that last. 31 more words


The Book Club

Out. We had to be out. It was getting too close to seven o’clock. The ladies of the book club would be arriving soon. Children and husbands were never to be seen or heard. 869 more words


Stronger with Support.

I have another friend tell me he supports my sobriety.  I started to cry. I was so happy and relieved.  He is a huge part of a group of party friends. 365 more words