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today I am grateful for...

Today I am truly thankful and grateful for the GAYATRI MANTRA, the joy and comfort this mantra brings to me as it sings and touches my heart so lovely and deeply. 77 more words

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Due to your generosity and loyalty we have received many blessing, for which you have our humble thanks! Each of you have contributed to make Christian Patriots a successful and growing concern… we could not have accomplished what we have without you! 42 more words


Simply the best...

Today I’d like to pay tribute to an amazing young man; a one in a million.

He is wise beyond his years and has played an instrumental role in my life. 135 more words


Today’s Thanksgiving and the origin of the word “Thanksgiving” comings from saying thanks and giving! On that note, we at the Airo Streetwear family will give you a couple facts for something to be thankful for or just a little blog post to help you realize what is going on out there in the world and help you understand what a fortunate position you and I are in to be reading and reflecting on this blog. 461 more words

Giving And Thanks

As I walked out the grocery store yesterday, I saw the bench he had been sitting on. It was about this time last year when my daughter and noticed him walk out of that store and sit on the bench. 212 more words

Men are simple, Women are complex

In the last few years, I have come to realize that most men are quite simple creatures while most women are more complex.  There have been many theories as to why men tend to be more simple and women are more complex.   953 more words


From Our Family to Yours

  Autumn’s brilliant display faded into an oblivion of gray, that awkward time between seasons where Fall is as thin as a politician’s promise and Winter is a threat, waiting at the end of the tunnel with heel’s dug in.  242 more words