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30 DAYS OF WRITES: The Gang's All Here!

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Creative Writing Tip: Character Traits in Secondary Characters

Hi, everyone. I’m Victoria, and I’m a sidekick-aholic.

I got to thinking this afternoon about my favorite books and my favorite characters, to come up with an idea for a blog post, and I realized that a ridiculous number of my favorite characters are not the heroes but the sidekicks. 535 more words


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We all know that not all good ideas spring forth from our own minds. While I don't do it often, sometimes I find a fellow author's blog that resonates with me and I feel the need to share. I'm a bit late in discovering this gem about the likeability of supporting characters (Victoria Grefer posted it almost a year ago), but I think it's better to share it late than to never share it at all.
I've experienced similar feelings in many books I've read (e.g., I prefer Silk to Garion in the Belgariad) and even feel it in my own writing. The Warders began as a vehicle to explore Toran's struggles with his mixed ancestry, but the strength (and my liking) of the supporting characters has turned it into more of an ensemble cast (rather like the TV show Friends). Perhaps it's the supporting character effect rather than my ambling skills as a writer. That said, here's Victoria's original post. I hope you enjoy it, and as always, thanks for reading.

DWJ March - Favourite supporting character

I started out by thinking that the obvious answer is Millie, from the Chrestomanci books, but actually, the more I think about this, the more there are fantastic supporting characters in all of Jones’ books. 679 more words


Till Death Do Us Part

She went about her business while scolding him. Her multi-tasking skills honed to a painful proficiency. She folded the starchy clothing with vigor and stacked them neatly with force. 773 more words

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Supporting Character: Clara (Young Wife)

Clara is under-educated, and grandly naive, but her intentions are mostly pure. She takes directions and follows the role set in front of her, mostly for lack of being able to make her own. 377 more words

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Supporting Character: Margaret (Eldest Wife)

Margaret has become confident and does not mince words now that she knows all too well what she is up against with Sebastian. She was brought up in a modestly strict environment, which was utilitarian for the most part – minimal frills. 413 more words

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