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quit jabbing at the hijab

I am a feminist. And me typing “I am a feminist” is going to encourage a proportion of people to stop reading immediately.

With the word feminist comes aggressive connotations. 405 more words


Anger Suppression and Chronic Pain: What to Know and What to Do

Anger could be increasing your chronic pain, but perhaps not in the way you are imagining. We can all see the danger of outbursts of anger. 1,935 more words

Chronic Pain

The Scarlet Letter: Individual vs. Community

How can being in a community affect an individual?

Sometimes it’s nice to be part of a community; the people in a community have common interests, ideas, and attitudes towards certain subjects. 730 more words


Alien Reproduction Vehicle (Zero Point) - The Fluxliner

Bolide Motion Pictures

By undertaking a thorough investigative documentary film about the life and later work of Mark McCandlish, an American illustrator thrust onto the international stage in 2001, it asks pointed questions about the subscription to various probabilities in controversial topics such as: the possibility of interstellar travel and associated technologies (including extraterrestrial UFOs), development of extremely advanced and heretofore undisclosed applied sciences, and the potential reality of a limitless free energy source as proven by contemporary discoveries in quantum physics. 66 more words


Zero-Point feature documentary trailer

Bolide Motion Pictures

Be very intrigued – Documentary to follow this trailer introduction…




What Does Fitting In Really Mean?

When I got to Paris I thought fitting in meant hiding the fact that I am an American. To me this meant speaking French at all times possible and limit the use of English as much as possible in public spaces. 400 more words


The Masks We Wear

Are we not beautiful?
Even beneath our masks,
Gifting our hearts and hiding the fear?
Are we not vulnerable and capable?

 Do you see they bring smiles… 180 more words