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Breakthrough energy technology: SUPPRESSION EXPOSED

Exclusive new TBYP clip (http://takebackyourpower.net) on energy technology suppression. Are ‘smart’ meters part of history’s largest ever corporate scam and…
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What suppression/emotional burden, does to women.

The end of this is happy, but Flat out….? It kills us. Plain and simple. We feel dead. We slap on a happy face, and make everybody think we are happy. 416 more words

Problems Of Monogamy

Aliens On The Moon The Truth Exposed 2014...

Aliens and UFO videos

Published on 1 Oct 2014

This New Documentary, first broadcast July 2014 by the SyFi channel, states that it has gained photographic evidence of  Alien Bases on the Moon. 142 more words


Black dresses

I kissed her lips, then I kissed her tears soaking each droplet in my lips to try to embrace what she felt, she had dropped to her knees so I too had knelt, I tried my best to envelop her body with mine, I figured she’d be fine if I could force field the darkness until the sun shined, but those fucking tears would cover her eyes making her blind , what else could I do? 293 more words

UFOs in Our Sky...


Published on 24 Sep 2014

UFO sightings near airplanes and inside our air space provide some of the best UFO footage ever seen. With an apparent interest in our aviation technologies, these airborne alien encounters can sometimes turn into tragic disasters. 133 more words


Tell Me Why

Okay. So, I’m stumped. About a few things. So, I thought I’d pause in my recollection of my life story there and talk about it. 761 more words

The Gray States!!! T.S.A., Drones, Gun Control, Police State, N.S.A., Spying, FEMA Camps...


This compilation video is an address to all the stifling limitations and restrictions placed on each an everyone of us in today’s society. The U.S.A. 41 more words