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Chronicle article 20 years ago

About 20 years ago Chronicle Magazine did a TV series on the Community of Jesus. You can still see it on YouTube. Type in “Community or Cult” and they are the ones posted by TruthIsVictory. 871 more words


My Experience with Suppression of Trans Culture

Sorry, ages late, but my Dissertation was due. Brings me to my first point actually. You see, as a student of Computer Games Design, it has been drilled into me that the next great avenue for games are Serious Games. 757 more words


Staying in Character

We are all aware of “Role-playing”. It is the concept of changing your behaviour(mainly) in order to fill a role, which can consist of theatre roles and game roles, among others. 293 more words

Thoughts & Life

Suppresion of youth

I have permission to include the following from an anonymous friend.

“I definitely support and confirm the accuracy of your letter. I’m not even sure if I could add anything to what you have written, except for the squashing of the sexuality of the second generation. 603 more words

Community Of Jesus

I think I’ve spent most of my life holding it in—feelings, thoughts, weight. I held it all contained under a metal case, like a noxious acid covered in the depths of a laboratory. 35 more words

Watching a train wreck in slow motion

There are times in our lives when we can see the impending accident or injury but are powerless to stop it.  Whether it is the car accident when we see the speeding car heading towards a stale yellow light or the skinned knees when your young daughter straps on roller skates and heads down the uneven sidewalk, despite any action you could take something  bad is going to happen.   968 more words