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London Under Chains

Overall, through use of figurative language as well as other devices, William Blake’s “London” paints a more vivid picture of the city than William Wordsworth’s “London, 1802” does. 335 more words

Figurative Language (9/18)

Christians in 'China's Jerusalem' Are Fighting Church Demolitions

Dramatic footage obtained by CNN shows Christians in the southeastern Chinese city of Wenzhou barricading themselves into their church to keep hundreds of riot police at bay and save their church cross from confiscation. 227 more words

Russian, Dozhd Journalist Beaten by Russian Goons

Ksenia Batanova, a producer with Dozhd, Russia’s only independent television news channel, is recovering after unknown assailants fractured her skull.


Dozhd is widely regarded as the last beacon of objectivity amidst the raging storm of propaganda originated and orchestrated by the Russian government.  

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"hermes - an open letter"

(incredibly light-hearted poem about Hermes, an Olympian God of Greek mythology)

I am Hermes: the messenger god.

My father, Zeus, is also my boss. 358 more words



Thinker Raven had a very curious problem for the first time in all her life.

As a Public Philosopher, her job had been a relatively sedentary one. 2,579 more words


Keeping the Serfs Poor and Working

– then they won’t have the time , energy or resources for insurrection.

I wonder …


It can take a lifetime for a poor person to work their way out of poverty. 346 more words

A Strange Harvest UFO Cattle Mutilation Documentary by Linda Moulton Howe 1980


Published on 24 Jul 2014

The first half is Linda talking about animal mutilations, the second expands into human abduction & mutilation cases, an issue avoided even by Linda M. Howe (so far).